You Probably Won’t Handle This Crisis “Perfectly.” That’s Okay.

Thursday, April 2, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Daisy Luther
April 2, 2020

Right now, every prepper I know is busily trying to tie up any loose ends before the pandemic outbreak racing across the country becomes even worse. They’re buying last-minute supplies, securing their homes, and organizing their plans. They are managing their families, many of whom aren’t taking the situation seriously.

They’re trying to think of every last thing they possibly can before the situation becomes worse. They know there is more than likely going to be a point in time at which they have what they have and adding more supplies will be unlikely, if not impossible.

It’s important to know right now that things will not go perfectly. That’s just not how it works. You won’t think of everything, you won’t be able to afford everything you might want, your family members who aren’t on board are going to think you’ve gone off the deep end, and there are skills you’re going to wish you had learned.

You are causing yourself undue stress in an already highly-stressful situation by demanding unrealistic levels of perfection.

I hate to break it to you but the SHTF is upon us and you probably won’t handle every detail “perfectly.”

Don’t worry about that. I know this is the big thing we’ve been training for, but it’s okay for things not to go exactly right. You just need to make peace with that realization now.

The stuff you forgot to get before the apocalypse
One thing I see a lot in the emails I get and in the groups where I’m a member is people saying, “What am I missing? What did I forget?”

In fact, when I talked to Selco recently, I asked him the same thing. After all, this is my first real-deal apocalypse. He replied, “You probably did forget something. Everyone does. No one thinks of everything.”

And it’s so true. I know this is a whole lot more life-or-death, but for example, have you ever gone to the store to get one thing, left with a cart full of other things, and forgotten the thing you went in for?

We forget things.

None of us are “perfectly” prepared. No matter how many checklists we dutifully fulfill, no matter how many times you inventory what you have, no matter how often you mull over your plans, you’re either going to miss something or some crazy variable is going to come out of left field and make you say, “Oh, crap! Why didn’t I get any whatchamadoodles!?!?”

And this is okay.

This is life. Even in an apocalyptic situation.

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