The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect

Friday, March 13, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, March 13, 2020

I have been the moderate voice on the Coronavirus. I hoped that “burnout” would happen before the conditions in America became like conditions in China were 50 days ago. Fifty days is how far ahead the Chinese problem is ahead of America’s pandemic experience.

Being partially incapacitated from recent eye surgery has provided me with the time to make the rounds with my sources. This article is going to be a compilation of facts regarding what “experts” and sources in the know are saying. The intimidation factor is high, but the fear and anger associated with censorship and control is also high. In this kind of emotionally charged environment, the truth has a way to finding the light of day, it just does not happen in conventional means.

The Media

The mainstream media is in lockdown, all released information is highly scripted. As was widely reported, social media companies had their “talking to” by the CDC and WHO and they were told that they would censor content on the Coronavirus. However, with the incessant news coverage by the MSM, You Tube has been forced to reconsider the issue of reporting on the virus on their channel. Here is a quote from You Tube on this issue:

16:00 UTC 11 March 2020 ] Updates to monetization for coronavirus-related content: Due to the ongoing nature of this situation, we’ll begin enabling ads for content discussing the coronavirus on a limited number of channels. This will include creators who accurately self-certify and a range of news partners, with more channels to follow.

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9 Responses to “The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect”

  1. BanjoGuy

    There are way better sources, than Dave, for accurate information outside the MSM on thic coronavirus & the financial/economic consequences. Generally speaking Dave has done a rather incomplete & poor job on this topic, but he did want he is capable of understanding.

  2. Jade Helm

    Paul, what does that mean, “Looks like I’m Done?”

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  4. Krowbarh

    Forget a NEW computer…Get an OLD one. I use old dual-cores with XP SP3 32bit & never have a lick of problems….

    Seems like everyone on windows 7 -UP has all kinda issues…The choice is CLEAR…New OS are getting worse, so you use old OS instead…Simple-Simple…

    Most machines I use are dual-core with 2-4 GB RAM which would be minimal on new OS but with lEAN XP it’s like a sports car!

    DO IT!!!!

  5. FD

    Email me we’ll see what we can do. Have always read but never donated.

  6. Sorry that you are under financial constraints, Paul. I check out RR several times a day and often post links to your site on usenet. I’ll take a look at my budget and determine what amount I can donate ASAP. It would be a tremendous loss if Revolution Radio website went down just as the we enter TEOTWAWKI. The loss of RR or KHNC radio would be like losing Long’s Peak or the Flatirons in Boulder.

  7. White Scooter Trash

    Just look for a refurbished Dell on ebay. You can get a machine that is off lease from a corporate contract. Probably for 200 bucks you can get a descent machine. If you need help finding one give me a shout. I am sure you will do ok.

  8. Robert Edward Lee

    Buy Bitcoin Cash and DigiByte when they go even lower. Also buy silver dollars. In 2 months everything will be lovy dovy and they’ll go UP $$$$. THEN get a new computer.

    THEN restructure your news site as THE solution site and mention Confederacy 2.0 and start interviewing great guests. Be a different Hagmann / John B. Wells / Coast To Coast

    Build a STORE and promote it.

    For NOW … have Hodges do a show where he asks his audience to help you out.

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