Chris Martenson: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity
February 26, 2020

We’re pretty much at the self-evident stage now. Here’s an update…

As 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer claimed, “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

After weeks of denial, and attacks on voices like Peak Prosperity who dared question the “Everything is fine!” narrative, world governments and their mass media partners are finally admitting that the coronavirus threat is real and serious.

The pandemic continues to spread across the globe, interestingly, largely in the northern hemisphere at this time. This may suggest it could migrate south as fall/winter arrives there, possibly returning northwards when the seasons change again. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the markets continue their sell-off as the economic damage from the impairment of Asian supply chains become more apparent. How much further can they fall? A LOT if the virus continues to rage on for months.

As this crisis is now becoming more obvious to all, remember that your best time to prepare is BEFORE the panicked herd stampedes.

Take the time you have now to keep plugging away at your preparations, so that you’re secure and positioned to help should covid-19 hit your community.

One Response to “Chris Martenson: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Crisis Now Obvious To All”

  1. David McCarty

    It’s not obvious to all (persons) since most are completely unawares of the potential – as is generally the case with a population of
    numbnuts constantly proffering to be a “glass half full” type person habitually chowing down on darvocet, oxycontin, oompaloompas, piddlypingpongs and all the other mood altering tic-tacs while staring down at the ubiquitous “God of the hand” dumbshit phone oblivious to reality. Everyone wants to invent and sell the next worthless shiny plastic piece of shit doodad and become RICH ubernacht. I was born naked and as rich at that point as I would ever be. It’s been downhill ever since, really accelerating with developing awareness of my nakedness as the infant stage passed. Now approaching seniorhood with still nothing to my name, I’m as rich as I care to be (but clothed – no one wants to see my nasty bits). A minor epiphany struck and so set off down the Conemaugh River in a canoe for New Orleans. Naturally choosing November 1st to push off in the name of adversity (and being batshit crazy) soon to establish with the lock operators and Coast Guard “he’s batshit crazy”. So preparing for an eventuality like confronting a worldwide scourge(s) is a lifelong endeavour that most lost souls have never considered, totally alien to common think when common think revolves around conformation and remaining as invisible as possible (from the masters gaze) so that one might not be called upon. People are very content with the daily commute to the mind numbing jobgrocerytheatrekidsballgamehomeagain routine with liberal doses of delicious microwave chilimac and Oprah/Friends reruns on the 1.5 hectare thin screen…. At some point, it will become evident to most that what mankind has been pursuing to his detriment were unsustainable mirage and again reality will step forth with a great big old fuck you in our faces. Is the new “bug” the oxygen for the fire of renewal? Hopefully.

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