The Democrats Latest Effort to Destroy American Sovereignty -HR 5383

Friday, February 7, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, February 7, 2020

We are always looking for a new way forward which will bring us peace and prosperity. Immigrants, legal immigrants, have played a large role in the success of America. Certainly, nobody wants to stop the flow of legal immigration to our country. But we have a right to keep out the criminals which endanger all of us. But the Democrats say no, all illegal aliens have a right to be here even the felons!

President Trump has been looking for and has been successful in finding a new way forward as he has brought this nation relative peace and much prosperity and it certainly was a welcome change from his predecessor as Trump has stopped the liberal induced financial bleeding started by Obama. However, Obama’s communist spirit lives on, even 3 years after his departure from the Oval Office. Although most Americans want a positive way forward that is productive and good for the nation and its citizens, the Obamanites want open borders in which the net effect wil be the total destruction of America’s culture, financial health and sovereignty.

The Democrats, like Trump are looking for a new way forward as well. However, this new way forward promises to bring excessive criminality, violence and economic destitution to our shores. The worst part of the the Democrats proposed “A New Way Forward”, is that these negative and horrific changes are deliberate and designed to fundamentally erase America as a world power. And of course, the 44 Democrats that have sponsored the bill, “A New Way Forward”, claim that anyone that opposes the bill is a “White Supremacist”. Yes, the Democrats actually put that in writing in the bill!

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One Response to “The Democrats Latest Effort to Destroy American Sovereignty -HR 5383”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Shut your scummy mouth !!! “Nobody wants to stop the flow of legal immigrants ??!!!” Yes sir. Any normal patriot KNOWS we must stop ALL 3rd world darkie immigration PERIOD. Don’t try to plant seeds in our minds. You need to retire yesterday.

    YouTube : John Mark

    Then – get a job.

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