False prophet? Pope Francis hosts bizarre drag queen-like circus performance in creepy reptilian-shaped Vatican Hall

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

It was a celebration of all things strange, sexual and satanic at the Roman Catholic religion’s Vatican Hall on January 8. Pope Francis reportedly invited a group known as “Aqua Circus,” Europe’s response to “Cirque du Soleil,” to dance around on stage and pay homage to the reptile “jesus” idol perched up in a display behind him.

During this postlude to Rome’s General Audience event, Francis tossed a hula hoop to the “artists” in the performance troupe who were acting out a tale about a mermaid and a man under the sea trying to fight contamination of the ocean. In other words, the purpose of the show was to offer worship to Francis’ god of global warming and climate change.

In the below video footage, watch as creepy Francis smirks with satisfaction at the pagan performance happening right in front of him. And keep in mind that Vatican Hall itself is shaped like a giant serpent, both inside and out (pictures of Vatican Hall are available at Now The End Begins):

Is Pope Francis the false prophet eagerly awaiting his antichrist’s rise from the ashes?

As you’ll notice, the overtly satanic imagery was everywhere at this spectacle. Besides the shape and design of Vatican Hall, which is clearly meant to resemble a snake – think Garden of Eden if you’re missing the insinuation, here – the dancers, which looked like a bunch of ambiguously adorned drag queens, further represent the new race of genderless, sexless cyborg beings that will populate the New World Order.

This is what the satanic Baphomet image is supposed to represent, in case you didn’t know: a part male, part female, part animal, part artificial intelligence (AI) robot being that will exist as earth’s new race of fake humans once the LGBTQP agenda is fully implemented.

And how about that creepy “art” image of fake jesus rising from an “atomic apocalypse” behind Francis the entire time? This 1977 creation by Pericle Fazzini depicts the false messiah rising from the ashes after what would seem to be a catastrophic global disaster of some kind.

If you look closely at the fake jesus in Fazzini’s statue creation, you’ll see that he’s been given a reptile head, further revealing this creepy to be that of Satan himself, and certainly not the real Jesus.

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  1. laura ann

    Catholic church is a cult just like many others. False doctrine to the max.


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