The United Nation’s Role In the Ebola Plot Is Coming Into Clear Focus

Thursday, January 2, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, January 2, 2020

In Part One of this series, a strong case was made that the powers that be plan to unleash Ebola and profit on the process. The players in the plot happen to be the CDC, the FDA, and other related entities (eg Bill and Melinda Gate and most of all, the UN).

Before going further, it is critical to understand that the overthrow of the US is the goal. For the New World Order to become the sole ruling authority, it is critical that the United States government is collapsed. As we have covered for the past two weeks on the CSS, the Deep State is trying to start “brush wars”, through gun confiscation efforts (ie drones and roadblocks). However, a total destablizing agent must be employed and the most effective is a bio-agent. Ebola is taking shape as that bioagent. Remember a bio attack is the most debiltating agent that would dismantle a country, short of a nuclear attack which would destroy a country, which is not the goal.

Current CDC policies are simply expanding the power of medical martial law and when one examines the fine points, it is a license to remove “undesirables”, “deplorables”, and political opponents from society and can do so under the guise of protecting the public. This is where America will truly learn the finer points of FM 39.4 (ie FEMA camps) as the issue of medical martial law was decided under the Obama administration.

The Deep State plan is simple. Create chaos, from gun confiscation efforts conducted in Blue states, and then destablize the country through a bio-attack. Following the bio-attack, this artile will make it clear that the UN will be ready to assume control. A civil war is the most likely outcome and that is if the bio-attack can be contained.

The United Nations and FEMA Camp Regulations

The issue, that is being described in this series, was decided in 2014 when the CDC enacted now pandemic policies. The new policies are draconian and they represent the back-door implementation of martial law and the removal of undesirables. As previously referenced, multiple times on The Common Sense Show, that thanks to Obama, the United Nations can unilaterally impose a state of “medical martial law” and assume control. In fact, the smoking Resettlement regulations (ie FEMA Camp Army regulations), known as FM 3-39.401-5 states that foreign troops will eventually occupy FEMA camps referred to as resettlement camps. This section of the paper is the smoking gun for medical martial law as per the UN takeover of handling a medical crisis.

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