The UN Is Recruiting Firearm Disarmament Personnel On American Soil

Monday, December 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, December 30, 2019

Two days ago, I wrote an article in which I politiely mocked, with irrefutable evidence, the massive and potentially deadly presence on UN troops on US soil with hostile intent.

In the past week, I wrote articles and produced videos of gun-owner-seeking drones in northeastern Colorado.

Two weeks I ago, myself and many others documented the intent of Virginia Governor, the treasonous Ralph Northam, and his unmistable intent to form roadblocks to seize private guns under the threat of violence. We know he also threatened to use UN troops to fufill his mandate when he realized that the Virginia National Guard would stand-down and would not support this unconstitutional action.

Four years ago, Paul Martin (from Northern Colorado) and myself began a joint series of disclosure reports in which we detailed the presence of an estimated 25,000 ex-special operations forces living in Colorado who are very well armed and formed a loose confederation which included communications. This is the largest contingent of this type in the United States. If Colorado is to be secured as the capital following the demise of Washington DC., Colorado must be disarmed before the coup can move its headquarters. This, we believe is the major motivation for the Colorado activities currently being reported in Colorado. Also, in No. Colorado, Paul Martin and myself have documented the presence of Russian commandos, the anti-Guerrilla force known as the Gurkhas and the UN and their EMP-proof communications equipment. Other military types have been identified in this area as well (ie Turks). Suffice it to say that Northern Colorado will be a bloodbath.

One of my many discoveries after working in the field of the timely release of covert information which impacts large numbers of Americans is that the first lap around the track, so to speak, brings out further and more detailed information upon the second lap around the track. On the subject of gun confiscation and the subsequent subjugation of this country, this is exactly what has happened.

Here is what is surfacing in lap two around this topic. The first artifcact of evidence comes from direct testimony from an airpine pilot. He was brave enough to use his name. I was given this information by a close confidant. I am removing the airline pilots name for his protection, both personally and with regard to his present employment.

“I am an airline pilot that has a few observations. Being a pilot doesn’t qualify me for any insider knowledge but being a longtime listener of many news sources including yours, Dave Hodges, and Mike Adams, ect. I get an idea of how things are going in the country. I fly out of DIA but Live in ____so I do a lot of traveling. I know that Virginia, California and Colorado have been in the alt news lately. Let me see if I can coherently lay out my observations to give an insight into plans of Colorado and Denver metro area in particular.

Let me start by backing up a few years to the Democrat national convention in Denver for the election of Barak Obama. Denver was selected not only because it was Blue, The governor was Hickenlooper who is very liberal. The city was selected because it could be shut down within 30 minutes by the National Guard by putting troops in armored vehicles on the overpasses. This is due to the construction project called T-REX. This made 20 to 30 foot tall walls along the major arteries of I-25, 225, and I-70. Coincidently this has been implemented in most major cities, recently also completed in Minneapolis.

One other reminder from the past in Colorado is the floods of 2013. During this flood the North Platte river flooded. It wasn’t talked about much but all the roads out of the metro area north were shut down by National Guard units in armored vehicles on the bridges. These guard units were stopping traffic on bridges and overpasses asking where drivers were going and only letting locals by. I told them it wasn’t any of their business and they wouldn’t let us pass until my wife told them we were going home locally. After this I looked on maps and there is only about a dozen ways to leave the metro area across this river if you were traveling north. Within a month after the waters subsided there were National Guard Staging areas along I-25 around the Fort collins area just north of the river.

You are probably wondering where I am going with these reminders. Well I mentioned I am a pilot and fly into DIA. As I was traveling from Colorado 2 weeks ago I noticed that on the border of Colorado and Wyoming at mile marker 1 in Wyoming there was about 20 white Semi trailers parked in a grassy area on the east side of the road. These trucks were all used, not new, a couple of them have rental signs on them but mostly just without signage at all. They haven’t moved since and haven’t had any activity around them at all. This looks to me to be a staging area to shut down the border. The only reason I think this is I have noticed other areas that are similar staging areas leaving Colorado northbound. One is on I-25 by Fort Collins by the Highway Patrol area, coincidently near the National Guard, and the river. Another blatant one is on highway 85 by the Fort Vasquez south of Greeley. This one has the cables running along both sides of the road and between the lanes so cars once on the road in the area cannot turn around,or get off the road. These stand out since there isn’t any other reason for them to be there for road hazards etc. I know there is also an area around Palmer Divide south out of Denver around the old rest area that is set up in the same manner.

One has to wonder what Colorado has in mind. With the new governor, who is more liberal yet and has shown his true (rainbow) colors, one can’t assume anything is a coincidence. I know that the drones are in the news a lot lately. I think it is only practice for rounding up dissidents when civil unrest is made to happen. Eastern Colorado is a perfect place to perfect the techniques since it is flat with few trees or tall buildings. If you were wondering where these roundups would be just remember operation Mountain Guardian. The stadium downtown is connected to the secure area controlled by the walls around the main part of the city. Controlled walkways and drives connect it to the railroad going through Brighton and out past DIA to the area by Hudson Colorado. You have to ask yourself why that is significant? (Pena Blvd roads are controlled by DIA by the same cables and we all know how DIA is setup, which is a whole new story. Trust me I have been in the basement, but I digress.). By Hudson Colorado about 10 miles north of DIA is a prison that hasn’t been in operation for at least 7 to 10 years when the contract was cancelled to house Alaskan Prisoners. There has been 1 to 2 vehicles there for the whole time with armed guards of the facility. Also right between the railroad yard and the prison is a large hog farm and facilities.
This whole setup would seem coincidental except it is repeated in almost all major cities. Denver seems the most sophisticated. A good example is Phoenix. The railroad runs a few yards from the stadium about 1/3 mile west of the airport with a large railroad yard between the two. The railroad yard is key to this because in the middle of the trains parked in the yard is about 50 of the car transport cars that haven’t been moved for a couple of years. Also they always have trains parked on both sides so they are hidden from observation from the ground. These cars could easily be storage for FEMA or UN gear. This is repeated in every Major city in the country from New York to California without fail with 50 to 100 cars. Cleveland is a blatant one. I know that all cities need cars transported by rail but it’s easy to see the cars that are used for this. They aren’t hidden in the middle and are in active areas.

I had pictures of all of these things but were stored on a computer that crashed and I lost all of them. I tried to take pictures of the trailers parked along I-25 yesterday but it was close to a blizzard so I will get them next week. If any of this is intriguing I can start to get the pictures of trains etc. as I fly over them. Almost all of this can be verified in the mean time by google earth, like the train tracks and the prison north of DIA.

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