Seattle Area Mosque Apes Muhammad’s Jew-Hatred

Friday, December 27, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Andrew Bostom
December 27, 2019

Mohamed Joban, current full-time imam at Masjid Ar-Ramah in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, WA, received his M.A. in Islamic Studies at Sunni Islam’s Vatican for religious education, Al-Azhar University. He is also president of the Imam Fatwa (religious edict) Committee, and Muslim chaplain for the Department of Corrections, in Washington State. Imam Joban, who regularly teaches Koranic interpretation at Masjid Ar-Ramah, delivered a lecture “And Then They’re Turned to Become Apes,” ~ 2-weeks ago (uploaded 12/17/19 by the mosque, and still available in full here). Transcribed accurately by MEMRI, the good imam’s discussion of Koran 7:163–166, and the related mention of Koran 5:60, riveted upon Allah’s “reminder” to Muhammad about Jewish deception to tfransgress Allah’s will—and Allah’s punishment for these inveterate Jewish traits:

“Allah said (to Muhammad): ‘Ask them.’ (Koran 7:163) Ask who? The Jews in Medina…Ask them about the city or town that [was] close to the ocean – the sea…Why did Allah ask Muhammad?…The verse (Koran 7:166) appears on the screen with an image of macaque monkeys. Mohamad Joban chants and the congregation repeats after him: ‘Then, when they [the Jews] rebelled against the commands to refrain, We said to them, ‘Be despicable apes.’…Allah said in another verse (Koran 5:60) Allah turned… Some of them became, what? A pig…Allah just wanted to tell us what Allah told you a long time ago that people turned into monkeys and that this is true. It is religion, look at them, some of them stayed apes and pigs”…

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