Ten things that could ignite a full-blown civil war in 2020… and any of these ten could happen AT ANY TIME

Thursday, December 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, December 26, 2019

As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away.

America’s conservatives, fed up with being malicious labeled “Nazis” while being systematically censored and attacked in the streets by violent left-wing lunatics, have just about reached the point of taking active steps to defend their lives, their communities and their nation. What’s apparent to every thinking person now is that the radical Left only wants to tear down civil society, not participate in peaceful coexistence.

As we enter 2020, here are ten scenarios that could ignite an almost instant civil war at some level, most likely in certain states that I’ll cover in a follow-up article. Note that any of these scenarios could happen almost at any moment, without warning. That brings up the question: What supplies will you have at the ready when that day comes? What level of survival or self-defense training have you achieved? How long can you survive without new deliveries of food, water, fuel and medical supplies?

These are all serious, practical issues to ponder as the radical Left seems intent on collapsing America into total chaos and psychopath-level violence on the streets.

#1) A “successful” assassination of President Trump

If Trump were taken out, it would immediately unleash a call to arms among American patriots and conservatives, likely seeing millions march on Washington D.C., demanding the arrest and incarceration of all the deep state traitors who are behind the political coup.

The most likely method for attempting to assassinate Trump would involve area effect weapons that don’t require close contact with the president, such as chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Notably, these weapons would also produce mass casualties of other innocent Americans, which tells you how little the deep state really cares about innocent life. See my full analysis in this important story, “The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America.”

#2) A Senate conviction of Trump and his removal from office by the treasonous Republican party

The Rest…HERE

The Rest…HERE

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