Democrats ensnared: NXIVM sex cult ran daycare centers where child sex slaves were subjected to mutilation and other heinous “experiments”

Tuesday, December 17, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Authorities have uncovered another dirty secret of the NXIVM sex cult, which was apparently operating a chain of faux daycare centers that in reality were child sex slave facilities funded by campaign supporters of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Known as “Rainbow Cultural Garden,” these facilities, which were located all throughout North and South America, were recently exposed for conducting human experimentation on children, many of whom had been illegally trafficked across the border and given fake identification.

This news comes as Keith Raniere, the NXIVM sex cult leader, was recently convicted of sex trafficking, which opened up a Pandora’s box of hidden evil that’s been taking place under the cover of darkness for many years.

Thanks to NXIVM whistleblower Frank Parlato, we now know that Hillary Clinton donor Clare Bronfman was not only involved in the scheme, but also oversaw these “Rainbow Cultural Garden” facilities, which operated in Florida, New York, and California, as well as in Spain, Guatemala, and Mexico.

“They do the human fright experiments where they subject women to surprise graphic viewings,” Parlato told Big League Politics, comparing these horrors to what was depicted in the film A Clockwork Orange.

“The most diabolical experiments that he conducts are experiments where babies are subjected to a constant succession of strangers who take care of them instead of their parents, and the strangers teach them foreign languages,” Parlato added.

MANY prominent Democrats were involved with the NXIVM child sex cult

Many of those lured into this sex cult were groomed to become generational slaves, meaning sex-abused children would grow up to birth their own children, who would then become sex slaves like their parents. And when these children grew up, they, too, would bear more children who became sex slaves.

Adult members of Raneire’s cult were also compelled to pay the man $10,000 each for the “privilege” of having their children put under his mind control, which often involved exposing them to many different languages that they didn’t understand in order to damage their ability to think.

“Seven different nannies would spend time with the children each day and speak seven different languages, rendering the children illiterate, confused, and permanently intellectually damaged,” writes Patrick Howley for Big League Politics.

According to Parlato, child members of the cult were given one of two options for their daily routine: either attend the “Rainbow School,” or be exposed to “nannies” who would come to the facilities to brainwash them.

“The courses run for 6 months to 7 years or so, at which point Raniere alleges the young child’s brain is most susceptible to these different languages and cultures. They get them right at 6 months and the program has only been around for (a few years) so there’s only a limited number of parents,” Parlato says.

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