Is this the LAST Black Friday before America erupts into political and spiritual chaos?

Saturday, November 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Saturday, November 30, 2019

One year from now the 2020 election will have already been decided. Consider that carefully.

If Trump wins re-election, the Left goes insane with a whole new round of accusations that the Russians (or the Ukranians or maybe even the lost Atlantians) stole the election. They will set their own cities on fire and march in the streets, carrying out acts of violence against all Trump supports.

If Trump loses the election, it will only be because Google and the tech giants committed massive, coordinated election engineering and fraud, meaning Democracy is dead and the deep state political coup against America has succeeded. It’s not difficult to imagine patriots across the country rising up and taking a stand against the criminal corruption, fraud, censorship and deep state malfeasance that stole the election.

In either case, America will be sharply divided. We can never go back to being a nation that stands together with a common set of beliefs, and the radical Left has exhaustively proven that they are flatly incompatible with civil society, since they abide by no laws, no rules, no ethics, no sense of fairness or anything else that sustainable civilization requires for its very existence.

Leftists now openly advocate the suppression of free thought, free speech and freedom itself

Leftists believe that people with whom they disagree have no right to speak, no right to hold political office and no right to exist. That’s why the Left has been so busy purging conservatives from everything, including careers, universities and online speech. The very philosophy of Leftism as practiced today is one of extremism and bigotry, largely resembling the kind of fascism that smacks of the Third Reich.

On top of that, Leftists have turned into authoritarian language police, comedy police and thought police. They now push mass hallucinations involving gender confusion and demand that everyone alter their language to utter whatever “gender pronouns” are fabricated by mentally ill transgenders who are now raising money on GoFundMe to have their breasts cut off so they can “transition” into the other sex. (This is usually because they hate themselves, and many of them will later discover that they still hate themselves even after having their organs mutilated.)

Self-mutilation, sexual perversion (Drag Queen Story Hour, anyone?) and mass mental illness, by the way, are symptoms of imminent societal collapse. Historically, these aberrations have revealed themselves when societies approach critical moments of self destruction.

They are not “normal.” Transgender mutilation is never normal, even if the society of the day is engaged in a shared mass delusion that tries to pretend it’s normal.

The rising insanity of the Left is about to reach a breaking point

Sooner or later, the madness will break and this left-wing tyranny will implode. The mass mental illness will be countered and defeated. The Big Tech speech cartels will be shut down and the deranged left-wing authoritarian thought police will be either arrested or roundly rejected by the rest of society. The CIA-run fake news media will be outed and shut down, too, and the demonic Democrats will tried to erect a society built on a witches’ brew of psychological terrorism, fake news and organized hate campaigns against normalcy will be locked up in insane asylums (or prisons) where they belong.

Society cannot continue on this accelerating arc toward madness without a dramatic backlash taking place… and that backlash is already building steam in the hearts and minds of normal, sane human beings who reject the coordinated stupidity and self-delusion of radical Leftists.

The reign of left-wing terror that now rules of America’s culture, news, politics and tech infrastructure will come to an end.

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