Crack, strippers, and lucrative Chicom crony capitalist deals: Hunter Biden is a walking security risk

Thursday, November 28, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Monica Showalter
November 28, 2019

A lot of people think that Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden shouldn’t be judged by the actions of his wayward son, Hunter Biden.

Biden, after all, was drummed out of the Navy for cocaine use, made a lot of questionable overseas business deals when his father was vice president, and most recently was found to have fathered an out of wedlock child in Arkansas while dating his deceased brother’s wife.

Irrelevant to Joe, Joe’s on the up and up. Pay no attention to the evidence of some very skeezy parenting skills and weird family values. After all, every family as a black sheep, right?

But the evidence is really piling up that this guy’s disgusting, a potential threat to the republic actually, should Joe eventually find himself in the White House.

First, the grossout personal stuff from the on-the-job New York Post:

Hunter Biden was suspected of smoking crack inside a strip club where he dropped “thousands of dollars” during multiple visits — at the same time he held a seat on the board of a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company, The Post has learned.
The incident, which took place at Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in Washington, DC, late last year, represents the most recent alleged drug use by Biden, 49, who has acknowledged six stints in rehab for alcoholism and addiction that included a crack binge in 2016.

Workers at Archibald’s, located about three blocks north of the White House, said Biden was a regular there, with two bartenders and a security worker all instantly recognizing his photo and one worker identifying him by name.

The report notes that he was a sneaky bastard, paying for his strip club-crack pipe outings with a credit card that didn’t have his name on it, something the club doesn’t allow, but something that somehow he got an exception on. Would like to know the story of that one. He gets a lot of exceptions.

The disgustingness extends though, with the Post obviously knowing where to go to get news:

The woman suing Hunter Biden for paternity was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club he frequented around the time he was dating his brother’s widow, sources told The Post.

Biden was repeatedly seen at the Mpire Club in the capital’s historic Dupont Circle neighborhood — where Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of his alleged love child, worked under the stage name “Dallas,” the sources said.

“He was well-known,” a source said of Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner to challenge President Trump next year.

Several Mpire workers said they recognized Roberts, 28, who last week filed court papers that say DNA testing proved Hunter, 49, fathered the child she gave birth to in August 2018.

This isn’t long-ago stuff, the activity of a very young man with over-active hormones trying to get his rocks off. Biden is 49 and this is what was going on just in the past year. He’s had a lot of years to be doing this stuff. The Post has a lot of work ahead of it to fill those out because each one is going to be about as gross or maybe grosser. Slinking around multiple strip clubs, doing drugs, getting the help pregnant, zero-name credit cards, the panoply of bounder behavior and zero consequences just keeps extending the more the Post looks. Privilege, they say.

Yet it’s still even worse when one looks closely at how he gets his money. Here’s a Pulitzer-prize quality investigative report from Fox News on Biden Junior’s China dealings that will never get a Pulitzer owing to the subject matter, but will make your blood boil:

Biden served as one of nine directors of the private equity firm Bohai Harvest RST – better known as BHR Partners – which is 80 percent mandated by shareholders in the Chinese government, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The firm was registered less than two weeks after Biden flew with his then-vice president father on Air Force Two for official business in China in December 2013, but his lawyer has previously stated that talks were in place months earlier.

In the closing days of that December, China’s central bank, the Bank of China in conjunction with Rosemount Seneca – the firm Biden founded in 2009 with John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz and family friend Devon Archer – set up the $1 billion investment joint venture called Bohai Harvest RST. The “RS” signifies Rosemount Seneca, and the “T” is in reference to the Thornton Group, a Massachusetts-based international consulting company established by James Bulger, the nephew of infamous mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger.


Indeed, the Biden-supported fund fast received notoriety in China. Formed in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone almost six years ago, its website boasts it was the “first cross-border investment private equity firm” and “among China’s first-ever RMB-denominated private equity funds approved by the State Council.”

“BHR benefits from the support of its Chinese stakeholders, including the Bank of China and China Development Bank Capital,” the website reads. “BHR also engages in alternative investments in emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence, FINTECH, automation, and robotics.”

But some of those investments have since been subject to controversy.


BHR Partners has invested in Megvii Technology Inc, a leader in the facial recognition arena with his Face ++. In May, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that the technology was associated with a controversial IJOP app used in the surveillance of Uighurs and Chinese Muslims in the Xinjiang region. Megvii later told HRW that the Face++ account contained in the IJOP application code was “never actively used.”

A rep for Megvii later emphasized to Fox News that HRW re-issued the report, stating that there was no evidence of the company’s involvement in the IJOP app, adding that the BHR funds investing in Megvii were from Chinese investors, not those residing in the U.S.

Moreover, in 2015, BHR engaged in a $600 million purchase of Henniges Automotive, the Michigan automotive-suspension systems maker, securing a 49 percent stake. The negotiations were reported to have been mostly conducted by the Chinese government-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd, which acquired the remaining 51 percent. The deal had to be reviewed and approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

However, the aircraft company has been subject to national security red flags. A year after the deal had closed, national security experts and analysts expressed concerns that the company, a major supplier of military jets in China, had hacked the U.S. networks to steal the design of the F-35 jet and used the design to build its own jet fighters.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the Senate Finance Committee chairman, is now probing whether Hunter Biden inappropriately leveraged his business ties with the suspect Chinese-backed aviation company.

Now we see why the ChiComs found a drunken pawn like Hunter Biden so very, very useful. Just the compulsive drunkenness, the coke snorting, and the strip-clubbing made him pretty vulnerable to blackmail. He wasn’t a guy who wanted these things to get out, as his no-name credit cards signaled. But you can bet the ChiComs with their state surveillance mechanisms knew all about this stuff and probably more. Biden Junior was the perfect puppet to make do whatever they wanted him to do, with the carrot of money and the stick of what the Russkis call ‘kompromat.’ He was on their string in more ways than one, obliged to follow their commands, or else.

The guy is a walking national security risk, and that risk is a risk to all Americans as China rises in power and threatens the U.S. We already know what they did to Xinjiang. We already know what they did to Hong Kong. Think having a guy like Hunter Biden on their string for a mere few million would be useful for acquiring all the secrets they needed from the Americans in the name of both cracking down and enacting challenges and threats?

And here’s the other thing: Based on this extended record of bad personal behavior, strip club after strip club, well into Biden’s middle age, does anyone think he’s going to stop? Is he going to sudden be Little Miss Muffet and put down the crack pipe and stay out of the XXX Totally Nude Girls “gentlemen’s clubs” and quit getting strippers pregnant? There’s not a sign in heck that he’s changed his ways or plans to. No contriteness, no admission at all, just hoping the story goes away and nobody notices. It’s just sex, see. But imagine him gallivanting around Washington, or Arkansas, or Beijing with Joe Biden president. Think there wouldn’t be a few golden opportunities for every enemy of America and every greedy businessman looking for some kind of policy change to take advantage?

The more that gets revealed about this guy, the more the public is likely to recognize that this guy is not just a cossetted princeling but a bona fide security risk to the U.S. It raises the case for pressuring Joe Biden to just pull out. Democrats are silent. Kamala Harris keeps repeating the mantra of “leave Joe alone,” effectively auditioning for Joe’s vice presidential slot. Since it’s not going to happen, the Republicans have some impressive ad material.

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