President Trump Scoring with Black Voters, and Dems Are Terrified

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Fletch Daniels
November 27, 2019

Ana Navarro-Cardenas managed to produce one of the most offensive tweets of the year in response to the news that multiple polls show black job approval of President Donald Trump now at 34%.

She tweeted, “Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”

You can almost smell the fear oozing from her keystrokes, competing with the hate that was already there. This is so blatantly racist that only a liberal could have spouted it. And, to my knowledge, not a single liberal has called her out on it, choosing to celebrate her instead. She wasn’t just mocking the polls, as Newsweek suggests. She was mocking courageous black Americans.

First, she charmingly assumes that black Americans have no right to form their own political opinions and belong to the Democrats, which is an odd position for somebody who plays a “Republican” on CNN.

Second, she insults prominent and accomplished Americans who support the president and intentionally refuses to name three of them, even though surely she could have looked up the names of David Clarke and Diamond and Silk (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson), in seconds. She chose to marginalize them by focusing on appearance choices that offend her delicate sensibilities instead of engaging their arguments.

In the liberal hive mind where she dwells, they don’t deserve their names because they support Trump. Candace Owens doesn’t apparently even warrant mention, despite the tremendous work she has done to reveal Democrat racism while encouraging people to walk away from the party.

For decades, some of the most courageous people in America have been black conservatives. They have faced racism, hatred, and persecution beyond belief. Often, they have been ostracized from communities and even families. They show more courage and fortitude on a daily basis than liberal groupthink CNN clowns like Navarro even know is possible.

Racism and sexism are indeed alive and a driving force in one of the country’s main political parties. It just isn’t the party that is routinely smeared with those charges.

It is enlightening when a liberal starts to wake up from the media fog, such as when Marianne Williamson noticed how awful liberals were acting toward her.

“I know this sounds na├»ve,” Williamson said. “I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this. I thought the right did that, I thought we were better.”

Tulsi Gabbard is also getting a front-row seat to the sheer awfulness of her Democrat colleagues. Last I checked, no Republican has slandered her as a Russian agent. For Hillary Clinton, that was all in a day’s work. Again, notice the liberal silence in responding to Clinton when she casually vomited out such an outrageous and evidence-free attack against a minority female member of her own party.

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