As Roger Stone Is Found Guilty On All Counts, Calls For Immediate Arrest & Indictment Of Alex Jones Are Coming Forward – Who Is Next?

Saturday, November 16, 2019
By Paul Martin

Tim Brown
November 16, 2019

A federal jury today found Roger Stone guilty of lying to Congress and witness tampering in relation to his work on President Donald trump’s 2016 campaign. The obvious question for anyone who has reported on the antics of the federal governments often kangaroo courts is, how many Brady violations did the prosecution engage in? However, immediately after the verdict was handed down, there were calls to arrest and indict talk show host Alex Jones, as well. Who will be next in the witchhunt brought about by a non-existent Russian collusion?

First, Mike Adams of Natural News reports on the calls to have Jones arrested and indicted.

The same prosecutor who ran the rigged “kangaroo court” show trial against Roger Stone is on the courtroom floor demanding the immediate arrest and indictment of Alex Jones, according to sources who have spoken directly to Natural News in the last few minutes.

Reporters who have been covering the trial have contacted Alex Jones, warning him that the deep state is now leapfrogging off the “victory” against Roger Stone, aiming to silence Alex Jones by having him arrested. The charge? According to sources, Alex Jones is now being accused of calling for a mass uprising against tyranny. Such a call is not a crime, by the way. It is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

When Democrats call for protests, of course, that’s characterized as “justice.” When Trump supporters call for peaceful, lawful protests, that’s smeared as a crime.

“This is the closest level of naked tyranny I have ever seen,” said Alex Jones on his live broadcast today. “This is a message to the deep state that says to anybody who supports Trump in 2020, we are going to bankrupt you, we are going to put you in prison, we’re coming for your children and we’re going to destroy you,” Jones added.

In a private phone call with Alex that took place over the last few minutes, Alex told Natural News that the deep state was seeking to imprison or murder every influential Trump supporter so that no voices could speak out against the impeachment show trial being rigged / run by congenital liar Rep. Adam Schiff (loonbag-CA). The strategy of taking down Trump, he explained, has long been based on cutting off his supporters using a combination of censorship, de-monetization, “lawfare” operations and threats of arrest.

This is on top of the New York Times now running smear pieces against independent journalist John Solomon, who has been one of the most consistently accurate and credible researchers exposing deep state shenanigans.

“What went on in court today should terrify everyone in America,” Jones said during his broadcast, “…that if we don’t get control of our judiciary, we are going the way that all the nations go when they are falling. What I confirmed from multiple people in the courtroom is so criminal, is so evil… these people are absolutely unbelievable.”

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