Young Americans’ Date with Socialism

Monday, November 11, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Rick Hayes
November 11, 2019

Universities in America have finally accomplished convincing young adults to abandon the most successful and free form of government in favor of a system that has a historical failure rate of 100%.

It is a sobering reminder of how successful the propaganda of the leftist media and higher education system has been when one realizes that socialism is viewed by nearly half of the millions of young Americans as a sociable way of life — a better way of life where they feel people work together for the good of everyone, where the wealth generated by the sweat of the worker is not accumulated into the bank accounts of a small group of the mega-wealthy.

The Democrat candidates for president continually talk about getting the wealthy to pay their fair share to make public college free and to offer free health care for everyone. Socialism, they say, is the sensitive political system, whereas capitalism is ruthless and runs on greed and profits, where the poor worker sleeps on the streets outside the mansions of the factory-owners.

Currently leading the Democrat socialist field are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are both trying to see who can be more “caring” to young Americans by “out-socializing” the other. Offerings of the lowest-cost or no-cost health care for all, free education for all, and forgiveness of student debt are just some of the key areas that both candidates are struggling to rule.

Recently, Warren took a slight lead in the polls precisely because she is willing to do whatever it takes to offer young Americans a future absent any financial accountability and debt. Teaching at Harvard University has allowed Warren to utilize the successful liberal tactics used to turn American students into anti-American revolutionaries.

In all fairness, the one-sided liberal education system and the fraudulent media have had significant assistance turning Millennials away, from the Republic from decades of wholesale Washington corruption and a recent president who also despised the founding of this nation. And so future generations truly believe that wealthy people and anyone who identifies as Republican or conservative must be racists, homophobic, and profit-only capitalists.

Activist professors and the leftist media will never let it be known that what young Americans believe their lives will be like under a socialist system and what actually will await them if that ever becomes a reality are light-years apart.

Just two of the key promises made by Warren — namely, free education and free health care — if ever implemented, will prove catastrophic to the futures of Millennials. With the assurance of free public college and student loan forgiveness, American students and illegal aliens believe they will no longer have to be concerned about tuition or student debt. They have also been promised the elimination of cost concerns coming between them and their health care needs.

There is currently $1.5 trillion in outstanding student debt. Elizabeth Warren’s education plan would offer total student debt relief to almost 34 million of the 45 million students holding that debt. The remaining students would receive approximately 95% off. Add to that Warren’s free public college tuition plan that according to the Department of Education, would cost the American taxpayer another $79 billion a year.

In her insatiable quest to occupy the highest office in the land, the gravy train continues with Warren’s free Medicare for all program that would cost over 52 trillion dollars over ten years. The only word young Americans now choked with debt hear is “free.”

By following Warren, young people in America believe that free health care, tuition, and student loan forgiveness will equate to more money in their pockets. Far from the truth.

Every wise magician realizes that his tricks are based on illusion and distraction. And so it is with the fake world of Democratic socialism. But unlike a wise magician, Warren actually believes that rabbits live in her hat. Reality always has the last word…and a nasty habit of entering the magic show at just the wrong time.

One inescapable fact of life is that everything costs something to someone, and college education and health care are no exceptions. If it’s free to some Americans, it’s being paid for by other Americans. If the student isn’t paying for his tuition, then perhaps his parents are through higher taxes. And as the student later enters the world of work, those higher taxes will be collected from him.

There is another inconvenient fact: under a socialist system, the ones who are routinely burdened with paying the bills of society are the responsible, hardworking people who save their money and respect the rights of others. They are often victimized, cheated out of their futures, and ultimately forced to be the worker bees supporting the elite class and those who choose not to work.

In the end, Millennials need to ask themselves what the point of it all is regarding choosing socialism. Is receiving free health care and free education worth the loss of freedom, never getting the chance to keep what they will later earn or be crushed by an ever-increasing tax burden? At the end of the day, those who will be holding the bag for all of the freebies will not be the mega-wealthy or the political elite. It will be the shrinking middle class, whom today’s Millennials will soon be part of. And perhaps the most sobering fact of how socialism ultimately fails is the reality that sooner or later, the money runs out, as it did in Cuba, the Soviet Union, and most recently in Venezuela. What happens when the inevitable time comes, when Millennials are no longer treated as a select group by the liberal and leftist elites? When living with astronomically high taxes, rationed allowances, and stifling government regulations becomes excessive, will the leftist leaders show any mercy or sympathy?

The liberal position regarding such matters is communicated in an April 2019 LifeHacker article, which reads, “Well. As it turns out, there are plenty of us who would be more than happy to see someone else’s student loans forgiven, even if we struggled to pay off our own[.] … These proposed economic changes might not make you feel any better about the taxes you paid this year or all that money you put towards your student loans, but (as economists might remind us) those are sunk costs. Now it’s time to think about the future.”

In other words, Warren’s plan may sacrifice the future of young Americans by forcing them to hand over their hard-earned money to strangers, but they will like it and move on.

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