Nolte: 2020 Swing State Polls Show Why the Media Want Trump Impeached

Monday, November 4, 2019
By Paul Martin

4 Nov 2019

A round of swing state polling from the far-left New York Times explains why the establishment media are so desperate to see President Trump impeached.

Among likely voters, Trump is losing by only two points to Quid Pro Joe Biden in Florida, Arizona, and Wisconsin. In Pennsylvania and Michigan, Slow Joe is only up by a single point. Trump leads in North Carolina by two.

Bernie Sanders only beats Trump in one of those states: Michigan, by three points. They are tied in Wisconsin. Trump beats Bernie by four points in both Arizona and North Carolina, by one in Pennsylvania, and two in Florida.

As far as the current Democrat presidential frontrunner Elizabeth Warren, Trump leads from two to four points in all of those states, except Arizona, where they’re tied.

If that’s not scary enough for the media, the latest polling has Trump winning Nevada, a state he lost in 2016,

In other words, if Bernie or the Fake Indian (who is currently the favorite) win the nomination, at least according to these polls, Trump wins the electoral college and a second term.

As far as Biden, the Great Slight Hope, who is considered Trump’s most formidable opponent… Well, here’s why the fake media are terrified and pushing for Trump’s impeachment and removal: like the rest of us, the media know these four things for certain…

1.Polling has historically under-estimated Trump’s strength by about five points.
2.Trump is doing remarkably well in the middle of impeachment hearings that will almost certainly end with his acquittal and vindication; if not in the House, then in the Senate.
3.While Biden might have the best shot at stopping Trump, everyone knows that is only on paper. Biden is a terrible campaigner. The fact that his son looted at least three foreign countries that we know of is a huge liability Trump will exploit to the hilt. And Joe is old, and I don’t mean in years, but physically and mentally, and he was not all that together as a younger man. If Biden wins the nomination, Trump will work that frail, old man into the ground during the general election. Trump deliberately and effectively exhausted Hillary Clinton, and he plans to do it again.
4.Most importantly, Trump is not out campaigning right now, not out on the trail talking about his record, his legitimate accomplishments; he’s not out contrasting himself with his far-left opponent, and doing what he does best — selling himself, his vision, his ideas, his common sense, his fearlessness, his love for America, and his ridiculously appealing battle cry of One Man vs. The Swamp That Gave You Endless Wars, Income Stagnation, And Open Borders.

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