Schiff’s Impeachment Train to Nowhere

Sunday, November 3, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Clarice Feldman
November 3, 2019

Like the expensive California fast train to nowhere, Schiff’s funhouse impeachment hearings are a useless waste of time and money, and subject him to well-deserved ridicule. They are certain not to prevent President Trump’s reelection in 2020 and may well cost the Democrats their majority in the House. With a pack of losing candidates and a series of “now we got him” flops ahead of them, this is a losing desperation ploy.

Roger L. Simon notes that the market figured this out this week.

What does it mean after the House of Representatives — on an almost one-hundred-percent pure partisan vote, save for two Democrats who wisely demurred — decides to expand an impeachment investigation on what they claim to be serious charges when… the very next day… the stock market zooms to all-time highs, breaking records substantially on all major indexes, and black unemployment goes to all-time lows?

Well, the latter spells big trouble for the Democrats a year from now and the former means the investment world thinks impeachment is a bunch of horse hockey that will never happen (the Republican Senate will never convict Trump, not even envious Mitt) and the real news was the job figures.

And it’s easy to see why both of those are true. No matter what polls tell you, it’s not just Kanye. African Americans are wising up to the fact they’ve been royally you-know-what’d by decades of Democratic Party rule. Under Trump, their paychecks are going up faster than anybody’s. Even black youth unemployment is at record lows. You think they’re not making the connection?

To the dummies of their far left base, the Democrats hope this week’s vote signals that the president will be impeached, but the vote was not to impeach, nor even to begin a formal impeachment inquiry. It was to set the procedures for any impeachment hearing in the house. And what a lulu it is.

Under these rules Adam Schiff can block testimony from witnesses called by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee he chairs. It does not require the previous secret proceedings of the committee, held without even a semblance of due process, be disclosed. (For those of you muttering angrily about the selective, clearly partisan leaks to compliant press and demanding that Republicans release the transcripts, bear in mind they don’t have them. Schiff has withheld them.)

Schiff and the Democrats can subpoena whoever they want; Congressman Devin Nunes and the Republicans must make a showing of relevance in writing to Schiff’s satisfaction.” The president and his counsel will have no opportunity to participate until after the Schiff inquiry is done and a report filed with the Judiciary Committee of the House.

“There are sections of the resolution that allow [Adam Schiff] to literally have veto power over Republican witnesses,” Scalise noted. “There’s a section in the resolution that allows the chairman to literally kick the president’s legal counsel out of the room if he so chooses, not because there has been some wrong that was done, [but] just because, all at the whim of the chairman.”

I studied Russian law as an elective in law school so these kinds of rules are not unfamiliar to me, but Americans used to fair play and due process ought to find it troubling.

Conrad Black predicts they will, particularly given Adam Schiff’s record to date:

A shabby fraud launched by a partisan whistleblower who is acting on hearsay about an innocuous telephone call whose summary, though perhaps not entirely complete, was immediately released to the public cannot go much farther. It has been kept alive by a Star Chamber in which the president is not represented and the Republican questioning and calling of witnesses is done at the behest of the Democratic leadership.

It cannot produce a serious offense that the president could actually be accused of committing, and now it is to be sustained by a dubious vote that will only slightly alter its almost totalitarian one-sidedness. This ghastly farce has been presided over by a pathological public liar, Representative Adam Schiff, who has outdone even his previous fiasco of failing to produce his “conclusive evidence” of the president’s “treason” with Russia. The country will not tolerate seeing its elected leader defamed and smeared by odious little people who would strip him of his elected office.[snip] Now, finally, the majority realizes that the chief culprits for the venomous indignity of the political atmosphere are the president’s enemies. At a certain point, late and far down on the behavioral scale, the country demands that the president be treated with the dignity due to the person they have chosen to be not just the leader of the government but the personification of the state, the head of the people, as Roosevelt said. Whatever else he may be, Donald Trump is the rightful president, and those who don’t like it can vote against him next year.[snip] Under any scenario, the wheels are coming off this disgraceful Democratic garbage cart in all directions. Impeachment will fizzle ignominiously while the former administration is arraigned on serious charges from the Russian scandal, and the Democrats will wallow in their squalid failure to produce a feasible candidate for the White House.

Normalcy, for which the country longs, is not dead; it is reawakening at last.

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