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Friday, November 1, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, November 1, 2019

It is time for full disclosure. I not only have hard, verifiable evidence of the genocide that will visit our shores, I am getting the same information on the spiritual plane. Here is the story….

Prophetic Dreams
Sometimes, the Lord communicates danger to us in different ways. We can experience a sudden intuition, a vision or in a variety of other ways. I believe that this has happened for me on a rare, intermittent basis, with stunning detail and accuracy. I firmly believe that at some point in the near future, I will have to “bug out” in order to survive what is coming because I have had the same dream as I have had the same vision while sitting in a daydream state.

When it comes to dreams, I am what psychologists refer to as a “thick boundary” person. This means that although I have dreams, I typically don’t remember them. I can actually go months without remembering a dream. However, and throughout my life, I have rare and intermittent bouts of intense dreams that tend to come true. Or I have dreams that tend to serve as a type of early warning system and if I listen to my inner voice (God), I have narrowly avoided danger. My “thick boundary” dream pattern is the opposite of what is called “thin boundary”. Thin boundary dreamers, dream in color, there is vivid detail and the dreamer can easily recall several dreams. In about 7% of all thin boundary people there can be lucid dreaming quality to some, or all of the dreams. Psychologists believe, that for the most part, the differences in dreamers has a lot to do with brain chemistry. People can be trained to remember more dreams, but generally, what one is, is what they remain when it comes to the dream world.

I pride myself on my ability to obtain a lead, follow a story and then connect the dots in order to form a cohesive story about events, trends and patterns. The world of dreams and visions has never been a part of my reporting until now and in this instance, it will only be a one-time event. Two days ago, based on reports I was writing about the links between the CHICOMS, the Democrats/Deep State, and various terrorist organizations, Steve Quayle sent me a letter that was written to him by a gentleman who was having similar dreams to what I have been experiencing for almost two years. I have spent much time drifting into a day dream state contemplating the reoccurring dream reported to Steve by one of his readers. I have tried to shake the revelations of these dreams and separate them from what I am experiencing, but I cannot. I feel the only way to be free from this obsession is to confess it, present it and then deal appropriately with the topic.

Over the past several years, people like Steve Quayle and myself have thoroughly documented the intentions of the globalists as expressed through embedded UN troops in our country in the form of primarily Russians and Chinese as well as other nationalities. The CIA-front-group, Deagel, and their report spells out clearly what lies ahead. I have also taken great care to report on the Communist Chinese intentions to exterminate every man, woman and child in American in order that hundreds of millions of Communist Chinese citizens can occupy the USA for the purposes of supporting China’s insatiable need to for resource fulfillment. I covered this in detail this past summer with a five part series related to the events connected to CHICOM Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe and his message of genocidal intentions toward Americans in a speech he made to the Central Planning Committee of the Communist Chinese Party. With these facts as backdrops, I present my dream in the detail that I have never previously expressed. One might ask, how long have I had this dream? The answer is about two years. I have briefly referenced it once in print as an “oh, by the way” moment in support of my reports on the CHICOMS deadly intentions toward Americans. Now, I am finally giving this consistently reoccurring dream, from a thick boundary dreamer, in the detail and in the seriousness that this dream now demands that I give this process. I present the following with the inner knowledge that many of my readers will have experienced a similar dream(s). I want to acknowledge the “early warning system” property of the dreams that I believe many people are having. I want to encourage people to not dismiss these dreams/visions, but rather to honor the process and use it as an early warning personal defense system. I believe that God will be communicating these messages to many and I am already beginning to the see the proof of this phenomenon coming to light. The fact that I am putting these words on paper is personally shocking to me. However, there is an inner guiding force that is compelling me to do so.

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