Adding to America’s Growing List of Enemies, Prime Minister Trudeau Has Joined Forces with The CHICOMS and Terrorists

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Not only is Prime Minister Trudeau destroying his own country and its heritage, he is actively trying to do the same to the United States. There are some pertinent questions to consider.

Why did the Trump administration go after Huawei with such a vengeance? I commented at the time that there was more to the story than met the eye. Isn’t it interesting that President Trump and Canada’s Trudeau have completely broken off relations with each other on a personal basis? When was the last time anyone in this country stopped to discuss Canada’s western provinces and their relationship with Communist China? Who is behind America’s date with massive terrorism in what I have labeled the modern-day “Tet Offensive? Where are the Democrats getting their money to carry out their very expensive impeachment operations? What are the sources that underlie the planned demise of America? The answers to these questions and more are going to be addressed. Some will be addressed in Part One of this series, the rest will be addressed in Part Two.

The source for everyone of the items listed above comes from Communist China. China is the master organizer. However, China has help. Most of are aware that the key members of the Democratic party have aligned with radical Muslim and Communist Chinese interests. What most people are not aware of is the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau has aligned with our enemies and is actively plotting against the United States. Trudeau is putting on the public face that he is at odds with only Trump, but the truth is Trudeau is at odds with America and is complicit in its planned downfall.

A source close to the CSS has found that Huawei was fronting an effort to launder money to the Democratic Party which was earmarked for Trump’s removal. The money is Communist Chinese government money and is untraceable and allows the Democrats to hide this funding. The funding is no doubt being used against Trump in the Russian delusion fiasco as well as the Ukrainian fabrication. One of the front groups is reportedly Huawei. This is why Trump’s people went after them with such zeal. And where were they operating from? They were operating in Canada. As this article unfolds, this will become highly significant.

Why would Trudeau be acting in a manner that marks such a departure of Canada’s past relationship with the United States? First, it is a well-known fact that Trudeau has converted to the Muslim faith. Second of all, he is allowing Communist Chinese forces to coalesce inside Western provinces of British Colombia, and they are poised for attack. There are already reports of Communist Chinese activity along the border. Interestingly, a member of DHS recently told me that the northern border of the United States was much more concerning that the Southern border of the country. Now, that comment makes a great deal of sense.

Based on intel from deep cover sources, covering the last 24 months, I am once again emphasizing that these same sources of intelligence information are telling me, in unison, that the United States is facing a “TET Offensive” style of terrorist attacks inside of our country and the sources for these coming attacks which emanate as much from our northern border as much as they have/will from our southern border. Canadian assistance is much a part of the plan. The terrorist activity to come out of this area will precede Chinese military activity against the mainland of the United States. And when these attacks come, they will likely come all at once, hence the Tet Offensive comparisons!

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