Exclusive Excerpt–Sebastian Gorka’s ‘The War for America’s Soul’: The Plotters and Their Plan to Destroy America

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

28 Oct 2019

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Sebastian Gorka’s new book, The War for America’s Soul: Donald Trump, the Left’s Assault on America, and How We Take Back Our Country, available from Regnery.

America and her allies may have defeated the deadly, totalitarian regimes of national socialism and fascism in World War II and communism in the Cold War, but neither ideology is dead. In fact, communism is very, very much alive today. And I am not referring to China, North Korea, or Cuba. Yes, they are all Communist regimes, which have survived the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. What I am talking about is the Communist and socialist threat inside America, a threat that has internalized key elements of fascism to boot. We may have won the Cold War with the Soviet Union and its slave satellites, but thirty years later, the internal threat from those who wish to dismantle our nation from the inside is greater than it has been since the Civil War.

Consider this: today in America, one of the two parties which divide power between themselves is most often represented by a group of freshman congresswomen, the so-called “Squad”—although I prefer “The Four Horsewomen of the Democrat Apocalypse”—made up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

Two of these women are actually members of the Democratic Socialists of America and were elected to office as such. Together these four—who have within the space of less than six months managed to box the establishment Democrats, including their titular leader, Nancy Pelosi, into an irrelevant corner—have openly, either individually or as a group, espoused the following extreme stances:

Demanded the dissolution of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the Department of Homeland Security
Advocated open, unsecured borders with Mexico
Supported taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegal aliens
Called the Department of Homeland Security’s holding facilities for illegal immigrants “concentration camps”
Denounced Israel as an “evil” nation that has hypnotized the West
Accused Jewish-American lawmakers of having dual loyalties
Stated that “brown and black faces” must have “brown and black voices” and that all homosexuals must have one “queer voice,” and that none of these voices can dissent from their socialist agenda
Described the horrendous attacks of September 11, 2001, as “some people did something”
Refused to denounce the violent acts of Antifa, al Qaeda, and ISIS
Proposed a gargantuan overhaul of the United States economy under the banner of a “Green New Deal” that would cost $90 trillion dollars to implement and would lead to the banning of gasoline-powered engines and private air travel, as well as the demolition and reconstruction of any building deemed “environmentally unsound”

And this is just a fraction of the outrageous things that Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley have said since the 2018 elections.

How did we get here? How did these women—with their anti-Semitic, un-American, socialist views and their extremist identity politics—become the face of the Democrat party? Well it was no accident.

Here we could spiral down a rabbit hole of historic investigation, but I will be as succinct and as operational as I can be, mindful of the fact that all you need right now are the most pertinent facts that will arm you in your political fight to support the Make America Great Again agenda and help secure the future of our nation.

As before, I owe a debt of gratitude to the late, great Andrew Breitbart and his autobiography Righteous Indignation, chapter six of which is the most cogent description of how the crazy Leftists plotted—and succeeded—to capture American politics and culture. Please read Andrew’s story for yourself after you have finished with this book. In the meantime, here is a summary of how the New Left plotted to capture America’s soul, and almost totally succeeded before the outsized outsider from Queens ran for president and defeated them—at least temporarily.

The fundamentals are clear enough. The New Left in America can trace its genetic roots back to Jean-Jacques Rosseau, who almost single-handedly upended centuries of Western philosophical and theological wisdom.

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