Will “President Hillary Clinton” Use FEMA Camps to Quell Dissent?

Thursday, October 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, October 24, 2019

For the 45th time, in public, since 2017, I am stating that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in the President for the 2020 election, provided there is an election. AS I told Michael Savage on his show, if and when the Democrats/Deep State discover that they cannot win the election, this will commence the largest civil unrest in American history. Antifa is already recruiting paid misfits at record rates.

This article will deal with one small aspect that will likely accompany a Clinton Presidency. It is a singular issue, but it is an issue that will impact millions of conservatives. For any person, whether they be conservative or liberal, the ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency will mark the commencement of the biggest purge in World history! As I recently covered in one of my latest articles, Hillary Clinton is avowed satanist with all the this particular association means. From many personal perspectives in the Independent Media, Hillary Clinton is the most evil woman in America. If she ever obtains the Presidency, this will mark the death of America and the death of millions of its citizens.

Here isa brief interview between Tucker Carlson and and ex-Clinton aid which indicates that my prediction is correct, Hillary will be the Democratic nominee.

Hillary’s future actions is predicated upon her past statements and actions. It is possible to determine how Hillary will approach her job when she is elected/appointed to be President. First, Donald Trump must be eliminated from running for a second term because Clinton cannot defeat Trump even with the accompanying voter fraud. However, Clinton can and will defeat Pence. Therefore, if Trump dodges the Ukrainian impeachment fiasco, the 25th Amendment Disability clause is next and the President could be removed because of “mental defect”. Further, the impeachment mantra is picking up steam and it’s not because the allegations are getting stronger. It is because key Republicans are flip-flopping in their support for the rule of law, regardless of how they feel about Trump. I watched as this happened with Republican flip-flops over Obamacare in which Republicans flipped more than a pancake. And why did these Republicans flip? Because they were blackmailed. The late intel operative, Bill Pawelec and ex-NSA agent, Vance Davis taught me how many freshman Representatives and Senators are invited to blackmail parties when they are first elected whee they are photographed and videotaped in compromising positions. This “evidence” is later used to obtain votes on key issues, like impeachment. I fear that for this primary reason, Trump’s days in office are numbered. Can you say “Good morning commisar err… Madame President?

I don’t want any room for misunderstanding here. I could care less about how the public will perceive the following statements because her history speaks for itself. My comments about Hillary are already drawing out the trolls on Youtube. I expect the backlash to this article to be monumental.

President Hillary’s Past Predicts America’s Future

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