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Sunday, October 20, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, October 20, 2019

From the time that Donald Trump was elected, the Deep State was on a mission to squash American populism as the country raced headlong towards a new destiny, the American version of the Bolshevik Revolution. Donald Trump was never going to complete his first term of office if he did not behave. And behave, from a globalist perspective, he most certainly did not. One of President Trump’s first actions as President, was to cancel the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP was so secretive that even Congress was not allowed to view the content. Only globalist Congressmen, Alan Grayson and Paul Ryan were allowed to view the agreement. Congress was forced to vote on this agreement sight unseen. We now know that the document was going to set up a 22 person panel that would have negated all political power in the American government. In effect, America would have descended into a fascist AND communist corporate dictatorship and all notions of American populism would be dead forever. Under this agreement, the eventual mantle of world power would be handed off to the Communist Chinese. Trump proceeded to reverse the trade imbalance between the two countries. Trump obviously did not get the globalist memo that the Chinese were taking over and America was to stand down. And then Trump incentivized American corporations to keep their manufacturing inside the country, rather than export their manufacturing operations to China. China and the globalist bankers were furious. Trump was undoing decades of globalist planning. In short, and from a globalist perspective, Trump was behaving very badly. Even the Federal Reserve has tried to wreck the economy in order to derail Trump as they continually raised interest rates in a low-inflationary economy. This is a prescription for disaster, but they were willing to take the hit if they can get Trump unelected based upon a declining economy. With retail sales in the toilet in September, the plan appears to be working. However, the globalists are leaving nothing to chance. The globalists, through their minions in the New American Communist Paty, the former Democratic Party, are pulling out all the stops to remove Donald Trump adminstratively.

Four Strategies to Remove Trump From Power

Trump’s first 30 days in office were incredible. His first 100 days was unbelievable. Women, Blacks and Latinos experienced record low unemployment. This was a very impressive accomplishment by a “racist” president. Almost immediately, the Deep State sprang into action. The Trump administration had more leaks (eg Comey, Pence and the NYT anonymous op-ed) than the Titanic. The Deep State, at the behest of their globalist benefactors, devised a plan to remove Trump and it consisted of the following parts:

Plan A-The Russian-Collusion-Delusion. Actually, as I documented in July of 2017, it was Robert Mueller, according to a Russian and a State Department memo, that delivered the first batch of highly enriched uranium (ie Uranium One scandal) to the Russians on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. How ironic is that?
Plan B-The Ukranian Scandal which was no more than an exchange of criminal information as provided for by a 1999 treaty between the US and Ukraine. The Dummycrats ended up implicating themselves (eg the Bidens and Pelosi’s son). The fake narrative and the fake witnesses have blown up in the Democrats face. It is amazing that 51% of American people recently surveyed by the Rasmussen Poll found that the people expect illegal activities by the Deep State to be used to remove this President.
Plan C-The 25th Amendment, disability clause, is now in play as the new Democratic strategy. An article by JD Heyes on Mike Adams site, Newstarget, made the case that the language in the mainstream media (MSM) are exactly the same as the Democrats running for office in 2020.
Plan D- Assassination. This is the last option for the globalists. How often are the Americans going to fall for the old “lone-nut-assassin story who had a diary with stated intentions?”

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