BEATEN and SPAT UPON. Is it time for real AMERICA-LOVING anti-fascists to rise up?

Sunday, October 13, 2019
By Paul Martin

By David Brockett
October 13, 2019

No, not “that” ANTIFA

By nature, American patriots have always been anti-fascist. We support the entire Bill of Rights, and we certainly understand the importance of protecting the First Amendment. Everyone has a voice and a right to express their opinions, political or religious.

We may not agree with the commentary of our political adversaries, and may not always support the ideas behind them, but we know the dark future of a nation that forgoes the right to freedom of expression; examples abound throughout the communist and socialist nations across the globe. History is littered with the corpses of those who fell to tyrants.

Let’s call them PANTYFA (Panty-Fascists)

The snot-nosed panty-hose masked cowards who run in packs and pick on people leaving Trump rallies, or someone wearing a MAGA cap in public, are not anti-fascists; they are the real tyrants let loose by their handlers to wreak havoc on anyone who dares to speak against the progressive-globalist plan. These hoodlums are cut from the same cloth as Hitler, Mussolini, and Pol Pot.

If you sat this group down in a classroom and tested them on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or the history of our nation, they would fail miserably. Real anti-fascism is the struggle to throw off the chains of oppression and to OPEN dialogue between those of differing opinions. These PANTYFA kids feel oppressed if they have to clean their room.

The REAL Anti-fascists won WWII against REAL dictators

I use WWII as an example, knowing there have been countless wars since the advent of civilization fought against persecution and oppression. But WWII was our war, in that it was fought by a generation not far removed from our own. The passion and commitment to freedom still burned so brightly in the breasts of the young American men and women of that era, they left the safety of their homes to insure others in foreign nations had the same opportunities.

Do you think the PANTYFA crowd of today has the same grit, or even the same motivations behind their political struggle? The fascists of Europe openly and brutally persecuted people of all religions (ironically the same enemies set upon by the masked clowns we are currently witnessing beating up anyone wearing religious garbs or espousing conservative religious values, like pro-life).

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