The Construed Coup – Anti-American pro Globalists stage Coup d’état in USA

Sunday, October 6, 2019
By Paul Martin

by globalintelhub
Sat, 10/05/2019

Pedoparty – Global Illuminati Conspiracy stages Coup d’état in United States of America

(Global Intel Hub) Zero Hedge Exclusive — Washington DC, USA. 10/5/2019 — Everyday it seems things can’t get any more weird. The twilight zone has arrived when one of the most sane voices on Capitol Hill is previous nut job turned logical defender of the realm Lindsey Graham of South Cackalacka. As we explain in Splitting Pennies – the world is not as it seems.

The conspiracy crowd varies greatly in depth and doesn’t always agree. Events in the last 30 days and since Trump took office completely have proven most of even the most outlandish of them, such as:

USA is controlled by an international cabal, that can ‘create facts’ if reality does not agree with their worldviews (Russiahoax, Impeachment)
90% of Americans are completely brainwashed and will believe anything they are told if it’s on Television (TV). This proves that most Americans are useless eaters that would eat shit if they were told do by a Tony Robbins style host.
The conclusion here is this also proves, although indirectly – that Trump really is sincere in his efforts to “Make America Great Again” unlike previous political promises. The reason the political class hates Trump so much is because he represents a candidate who was legally elected and does not engage in political intrigues.

What is the “Deep State” and how does it involve the Illuminati?

The Deep State is not elected; they are appointees and/or career employees. This is where things get hairy because they are everywhere. Let’s take the CIA for example. You know when someone says “The CIA did it” there is actually a guy (or gal, or in the case of the CIA probably a homosexual minority 3rd gender tranny, disabled vet, of course) pushing buttons and running the show. There are thousands of them. And they don’t get elected. In the case of the CIA, we don’t even know their names because like the Whistleblower “That’s classified” and that’s why the Deep State uses agencies like the CIA because it provides complete anonymity. And people like George Soros don’t like having their names splashed around in articles like feces from a Rhinoceros with diarrhea, no they don’t. So let’s not use George Soros and e coli or feces in the same sentence.

Who’s pulling the strings?

It’s not Adam, it’s not Nanny. Their backers (backsters?) are the most powerful people in the world. Some of them are Americans, but some not. They are a new Elite class of Billionaires that have multiple Citizenships and can relocate on a moments notice.

Why do they care?

Until Trump was elected, they had the best Government money could buy. Since Trump has been elected, there has been a Swamp Draining although it wasn’t probably what people expected. They are afraid that they have lost their power over the most powerful nation on the planet. It’s extremely similar and in many ways interconnected to what’s going on in Britain. Brexit, like Trump – was a populist win – a moment of clarity. In many ways, the Trump victory showed that puppets like Clinton were dirty as can be.

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