Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Officers Predict an American Civil War

Thursday, October 3, 2019
By Paul Martin

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
October 3rd, 2019

In a news analysis video, intelligence analyst and Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran Samuel Culper breaks down what’s likely in store for America and what can be expected. It’s one more view of the internal strife predicted by experts in military conflict, intelligence gathering and analysis and law enforcement’s role in urban warfare.

We have to differentiate “civil war” which is an armed conflict between ORGANIZED groups over control over a government, and “low intensity conflict” which is a war among people or the state. A civil war with organized groups, i.e. armies, is unlikely. A “low intensity conflict” is already happening. The new civil war will probably entail an armed conflict between those adhering to a leftist ideology whose long-term goal is achieving a One World Government that seeks to divide the earth’s resources and riches more fairly.

We’re talking about violence primarily among the People — left/right, urban, rural, etc. — not a war over control for Washington D.C. a/k/a The Swamp.

Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence NCO (non-commissioned officer) and civilian intelligence analyst. He spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a soldier and intelligence contractor, and now runs the intelligence shop at Forward Observer. His staff includes Daniel Johnson is a former U.S. Marine infantry scout/sniper section leader, and company close quarters battle and enhanced marksmanship program instructor. After being discharged from the Marine Corps, Daniel went to work for the State Department’s Worldwide Protective Services program where he served on a principal recovery and extraction team, as well as an advance and tactical site survey team. After sustaining a serious injury from an enemy attack in Baghdad, he was forced to return home. He’s now learning the ropes of multi-discipline intelligence collection and all-source analysis.

Here’s what knowledgeable commentators from multiple sources — many of whom have operated inside collapsing, war-torn cities and countries – predicted when interviewed by Professor of Criminology Mike Adams, an American conservative political columnist, writer, author and faculty member at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

There won’t be a nationwide kinetic civil war fought like America’s first Civil War. Instead, outbreaks of kinetic violence will be very limited to the areas in and around high-density population centers dominated by Leftists (i.e. Antifa and similar left-wing lunatics).
This means your proximity to left-wing cities largely determines your risk of being caught up in any kind of kinetic engagement. The closer you are to the “zombies,” the worse off you’ll be when it hits the fan.
At the same time, if you live in rural America, far from left-wing strongholds, your risk of being involved in kinetic engagement is virtually zero, according to my sources. They do not expect any mass exodus from liberal cities, since it is well understood that liberal zombies are incapable of doing anything that requires effort (such as walking a distance, or reading a topo map, etc.).

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