The Earth’s Planetary Defense System

Saturday, September 28, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, September 28, 2019

Since my father’s revelations regarding his work in reverse engineering Nazi theoretical physics from the drawing board to actual application from a research and development standpoint. My father told me that it took him years to figure out that we were using the same old Newtonian physics in NASA and never made significant advances from the initial Mercury Missions all the way through the Apollo missions. By the time we landed on moon, we already had tested faster than light travel (FTL) craft, from an unmanned perspective. Then why was NASA not using this technology? That was the question I put to my father in 1984. His answer was that we using an archaic theoretical physics model based upon Newtonian three dimensional physics in NASA craft. By 1984, he recognized, through inference, that we had a secret space program that was using an advanced physics model. He tried to teach me the model as best as he could and he was teaching it to someone whose background was in the social sciences, not the physical sciences.

In the early 2000’s, in Germany, I read about a “teleportation” experiment in which an inanimate object was teleported across the laboratory. The report stated that the object was both in its original position at the same time, as it was in its new position. Yes, I am speaking of the phenomenon of bilocation which is more often attributed to out of body experiences. Former UC Davis professor, Charles Tart, who also did some pioneering work in DNA sequencing, conducted a few out of body experiments. There can be little doubt that the ability to acquire knowledge involves the ability to acquire information from our three dimensional reality from other dimensions. Famed physicist. Michio Kaku, has mathematically proven the existence of at least 26 dimensions. In short, the physics that allows for remote viewing and these concepts can be applied to understanding the science behind the miracle power of prayer and where it draws it power from. Remember, there is no magic, simply science that we do not understand. God created the universe and subsequently all scientific laws are of God’s creation as well. The notions come from what is often called a hyperdimensional model.

Teleportation of soldier was admitted to in an Army produced article on April 1, 2016 and this was no April fools joke. The article has since been scrubbed and one gets a 404 code. However, the search engine description survives.

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