Switzerland is rising up to stop 5G. Will Americans do the same?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

One of the first countries to begin deploying 5G technology, Switzerland is also the first to see some of the early the signs of a populist uprising against it.

Reports indicate that Swiss demonstrators are increasingly organizing to protest 5G, sounding the alarm about the unique dangers associated with its radioactive frequencies. There are also efforts afoot to stop 5G antennas from continuing to be installed throughout the country.

Because politicians and other authorities aren’t taking these concerns seriously, a number of Swiss people are trying to get the issue put on a national referendum that would allow voters to decide whether or not to allow 5G to proceed.

Back in February, Switzerland made an announcement that the country’s 5G frequencies would be allotted to three major wireless carriers: Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt, which would generate $384 million in annual revenues.

These three operators were so proud of this decision that they began to blanket the media with advertisements announcing that 5G would be available this year throughout Switzerland, not just in cities, but also in the rural countryside and even in the Swiss Alps.

By early July, some 334 towers had already been equipped with 5G antennas, and more are on the way – that is, if the Swiss people protesting and pushing for a ballot initiative don’t stop them first.

Already in Geneva, authorities have ceased constructing new 5G towers and antennae because of massive public outcry, even as wireless carriers continue to convert existing 4G antennae into 5G antennae, which doesn’t require any outstanding authorization.

But this all by itself won’t be enough for a full 5G rollout, seeing as how 5G antennae need to be plentiful and in close proximity with other 5G antennae in order to work. In other words, converting just existing 4G antennae into 5G antennae will make 5G coverage patchy, at best.

On September 21, Swiss protestors organized a massive gathering in front of the government buildings in Bern, which had massive turnout. They also raised awareness about the need for a ballot initiative on the issue, which appears inevitable.

“I think we have most citizens on our side,” stated Coco Tache-Berther, one of the organizers of the group Fequencia.

For more related news about the dangers of 5G, be sure to check out EMF.news.

The time is now for Americans to stand up and say NO to 5G

As we’ve covered in the past, Switzerland is often at the forefront of progressive movements such as this. Back in 2014, for instance, we covered how entire villages were being developed in Switzerland that are free of Wi-Fi and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, these enclaves functioning as safe zones for people with “electrosensitivity.”

Now, Switzerland is once again at the forefront in the fight against 5G, with nationwide efforts to stop the rollout dead in its tracks before it’s too late.

“We are waiting for a serious, independent study that shows whether, yes or no, 5G has a noxious effect for the population,” stated Daniel Buchs, a doctor and regional parliamentarian from the Christian Democratic Party who’s leading the charge in Geneva to stop the rollout of 5G.

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