Left-wing climate lunatics now adopting tactics of Antifa: Disruption, chaos and hatred toward America

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, September 23, 2019

If you’re trying to convince someone that your point of view is the right one and that your take on things is correct, what are you going to do first?

Probably engage that person in a meaningful dialogue, then rationally make your points and back them up with facts — right?

Or would you, say, choose to upset them, inconvenience them, and cost them money or a job?

If you chose the former strategy, that puts you in a majority. But if you chose the latter strategy, it puts you on the fringe — a place few Americans, Left or Right, inhabit.

On Monday, activists who have swallowed the “human-caused climate change” lie shut down more than 20 intersections in Washington, D.C., as their “climate strike and global week of action” launched.

Reports noted that the activists sought to “block key infrastructure” and bring D.C. morning traffic, which is congested and hectic as is, to a “standstill,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

Judging by what some people wrote on Twitter, they managed to accomplish their objective.

“695 is a parking lot. Protestors have blocked NY Ave just after the 395 exit. 395 north appears to be shut down so I’m guessing all the exits are blocked. Good f**king luck getting around DC this morning!” one user wrote.

Among their ‘list of demands’ — passage of the economically and technologically impossible “Green New Deal,” ‘respect for indigenous land,’ “environmental justice” (whatever that is), biodiversity protection (ditto) and ‘sustainable’ agriculture — as though farmers being able to plant crops on the same rotation of land year after year doesn’t already demonstrate sustainability.

Meanwhile, some effeminate ‘gentlemen’ were twerking in traffic as others poured confetti on them…for someone else to clean up, of course. So much for that ‘taking care of the environment’ objective. Nothing says, ‘Hey, I really care about the planet’ like dumping paper all over the place.

Twerking for Mother Earth

“Now #ShutDownDC has guys twerking while people throw confetti at them to… stop climate change? Littering confetti is a bold new tactic to stop climate change, let’s see how it works out. These people are not mentally well,” Robby Starbuck wrote in what could be the understatement of the year.

The fact is, regardless of their politics or their beliefs, preventing people from engaging in their constitutional right to move freely — while preventing many of them from getting to work so they can earn a living — is not the way to win converts to your cause. (Related: Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures.)

In fact, the question needs to be asked in a way designed to get a serious response: When does one person’s constitutional rights supersede another’s constitutional rights?

Is twerking for the Earth more important — that is, more protected — than freedom of travel? And if so, why? Is there a Supreme Court precedent? What’s the case?

Some other questions come to mind. For instance, how come it’s okay/legal to block traffic during a “demonstration” but it’s not legal to block traffic and impede travel any other time? Isn’t the freedom to travel equally important at all times?

And how come many of the same people who cling to their First Amendment right to be obnoxious to, and problematic for, people trying to go to work believe that no one should have a gun? Isn’t twerking on the street for Mother Earth while being showered with colored confetti the ‘free speech’ version of an assault weapon?

After all, if no one “needs” an ‘assault weapon,’ no one “needs” to be twerking on the streets of our major cities for Mother Earth — while people are trying to get to work, showing us things that, frankly, cannot be unseen.

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