Consuming cancer tastes SO good: High fructose corn syrup is “cancer” food, increases tumor growth

Thursday, September 12, 2019
By Paul Martin

Consuming cancer tastes SO good: High fructose corn syrup is “cancer” food, increases tumor growth

by: Lance D Johnson
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Food and beverage companies have studied the human brain to figure out the best way to addict you to their products. Using flavor science, these companies have found the most efficient way to excite your taste buds and incite pleasure in your brain. This mad science is done in the light of day, en masse, with no regard to the public health crisis it has helped create.

HFCS burdens the liver, causes weight gain

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the oldest, most commonly used flavor sciences throughout the grocery world, and it is metabolized differently than regular table sugar. HFCS is 42 to 45 percent glucose and at least 55 percent fructose. In some instances, HFCS can be comprised of 90 percent fructose. These molecules are unbound and contained in liquid form, as opposed to table sugar, which is a crystallized solid, with a more balanced glucose to fructose ratio.

Table sugar is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets. HFCS is derived from genetically modified corn. HFCS became more profitable because it is sweeter to the tongue and more addicting. It’s also more profitable because government subsidies have made corn more accessible, allowing food and beverage companies unlimited supply of this commodity. Today, HFCS can be added to your ketchup, your salad dressing, yogurt, crackers, snack bars, steak sauce, applesauce, cereal, and juices, among several other grocery items. It is the top sweetener for your favorite soft drinks. Even though consuming excess table sugar is dangerous for your health, HFCS is speeding up the damage. This is mainly because HFCS contains excess fructose, which burdens the liver. The liver converts excess fructose to glycogen. As glycogen builds up, it turns to body fat. This process hinders healthy metabolism and causes insulin resistance, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes.

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