How Hong Kong and the American People Are Joined At the Hip

Saturday, September 7, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hong Kong is inextricably linked to the United States. The welfare of both are uniform and at the center of the threat to exterminate both the Chinese in Hong Kong and Americans. However, as a subsequent article will point out, the Chinese will achieve international authority to attack the United States because the UN is sanctioned to do so.

The 20th century was to have belonged to the United States. The 21st century was promised to China. Both countries were tasked to help usher in a path toward one world government and a one world planned socialist economy. Former President, H. W. Bush, called it the “New World Order” as he was the first to use the term on the world stage.

If the Millennials were ever taught real economics in their post-secondary educations in America’s liberal-controlled state universities, they would see right through the fallacy of socialism in any form. The Maoist version of the centrally planned economy has miserably failed to produce efficient growth and has even caused China to fall far behind not only the industrialized nations of the West but also the new industrial powers of Asia, namely Japan, who just inked a super trade deal with the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and not coincidentally, Hong Kong. Unable to subjugate the world through economic means, China will turn to move covert strategies to take down the United States.

The Chinese Military Threat and Their “Belt Buckle Strategy”

Can the Chinese hope to win a war against the United States and ultimately the West. The answer is an absolute no! Yes, they have nuclear weapons, but even if they were to launch a successful first strike and take out all of America’s nuclear silos (an impossibility), they would still have to contend with our allies and our 72 nuclear submarines each armed with 8 to 24 nuclear missiles each capable of taking out a major city. What about conventional warfare. Beyond Vietnam, Hong Kong and possibly Taiwan (protected by the US), they cannot win anything about a regional conflict. This is true because the Chinese cannot project their military power. They are deficient in space-based weapons, they are deficient in aircraft carriers and they are deficient in a prolonged air war because they lack spare parts on a level needed to sustain a war.
However, the Chinese could borrow from a strategy that we formerly saw employed in Vietnam. We also see the same strategy being employed in recent Antifa riots.
In Vietnam, the Vietnamese tried to become the masters of stealth. They would approach American forces and in order to shorten the distance between their attacking troops and the force being attacked. This was done to prevent the US of devastating US airstrikes and this strategy could inhibit the bringing in of reinforcements by helicopter. General Giap developed this strategy to a fine art. The strategy was to increase the amount US casualties through the perils of close-in fighting.

Recently in Antifa riots, they have adopted a different strategy. Instead of being across the street between themselves and their self-identified enemies, with the police in between, they are embedding themselves among people, away the central trafficked areas and are in close proximity to any group of citizens they hope to imperil. In this manner are able to endanger unsuspecting citizens, isolate and attack. And they have also had help from their allies in places like the Portland city government and their slow-to-react police force (by design). Here is the strategy on display.

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