The Critical Reasons Why Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

Monday, August 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, August 26, 2019

This is the first part of a multi-part series which examines why President Trump wants, so desperately, wants to buy Greenland from Denmark. This series will also cover why the new government of Denmark wants nothing to do with the idea. As a by-product of this series I will, once again, expose the 2010 false flag event when the Gulf Oil Spill took place and how this event’s long-range consequences constitutes a major threat to the planet. Possession of Greenland is paramount in addressing all of the threats discussed in this series.

This series will specifically cover the following:

1.The attempts of the global elite to hasten the onset of an ice age that will kill billons.
2.The Russian North Pole military threat.
3.The Russian North Pole economic threat.
4.Why the ungrateful Danes, who the United States defends with our citizens tax dollars, will not sell Greenland.
5.President Trump’s objectives in buying Greenland which puts the US in position to solve these problems.

Earth Changes

The planet is undergoing dramatic change and both of these threats emanates from the North Pole. The threats are both man-made and also come from nature.

About 15 years ago, it was called to my attention that true north was changed by one degree on every runway in North America. Why? Because the true north is moving as the world is experiencing the very beginnings of a new mini-ice age. Northern Europe including the Russians are greatly impacted by this event. The reasons for the shifting pole has a two-fold effect on all of us. First, the world is overdue for another ice age event and we are witnessing the very beginnings of another one. Now, the North Pole has become so destabilized that true north is fluctuating 60 kilometers every year. The problem has become so severe that a committee meets once a year to declare the location of true north.

Second, the so-called Gulf-Oil Spill has terribly disrupted the moderating Gulf Stream which mitigates much of the extremely cold weather coming out of the North Pole. This will be the focus of this part of the series. After years of research and using deductive logic, I have concluded that the false flag event, the Gulf Oil Spill had multiple goals, among them including the changing of our climate and prematurely bringing on an ice age, through changing the Gulf Stream, which will result in the loss of life for billions of people in the long term.

Northern Europe’s Extreme Recent Weather Has a Simple Explanation

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