Los Angeles faces an imminent bubonic plague outbreak due to rampant homelessness

Friday, August 9, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Friday, August 09, 2019

The City of Angels is on the verge of succumbing to a deadly disease epidemic, thanks to an out-of-control homeless problem that’s bringing back horrific contagions like bubonic plague that rarely make an appearance in the First World.

According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a celebrity radio doctor who was blacklisted from the mainstream circuit for commenting on failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s obvious poor health during the 2016 election cycle, there’s an imminent threat of a major bubonic plague outbreak in Los Angeles – and most Angelinos have no idea what’s about to hit them.

During a recent Periscope broadcast with Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, Dr. Drew, as he’s best known, discussed the “apocalyptic” nature of this threat, which is a direct result of both state and local authorities refusing to deal with homelessness all over the streets of Los Angeles.

After correctly predicting the typhus outbreak that recently struck LA due to this serious and growing problem, Dr. Drew is now warning that bubonic plague is soon on the way, as it similarly travels from rats, fleas, and other rodents to humans via their pets.

The last bubonic plague outbreak to occur in the United States was nearly a century ago, from 1924 to 1925, and also in Los Angeles. Before that, the best known bubonic plague outbreak occurred in the Fourteenth Century, resulting in the Black Death that killed off one-third of the population of Europe.

The only way to stop a similar outbreak from occurring in 2019 is for doctors to engage in their best “heroic effort,” according to Dr. Drew, the assumption being that the disease will spread rapidly once it rears its ugly head.

Unlike most other cities throughout the world, Los Angeles doesn’t have a rodent control plan in place, which means it’s ripe for the type of disease outbreak that could affect thousands, or even millions, of people.

“If you look at the pictures of Los Angeles, you will see that the homeless encampments are surrounded by dumps,” Dr. Drew says. “People defecate there, they throw their trash there, and the rats just proliferate there.”

The raw sewage from 60,000 homeless people is drained directly into the Pacific Ocean every single day

As unsightly and unsanitary as such conditions are on the streets of LA, Dr. Drew warns that the Pacific Ocean is similarly taking a major hit, as the defecation from homeless people is dumped right into city drains, where it flows down raw into the Pacific Ocean.

“We have the sewage of 60,000 people hitting the ocean every day,” he warns.

Some leftist officials claim that building more “affordable housing” would do the trick to stop all of this homelessness on the streets of LA. But Dr. Drew says that won’t work because most of those currently living on the streets have chosen this lifestyle due to mental illness and drug addiction.

The other problem is that California continues to welcome in an unlimited number of “undocumented,” aka illegal, immigrants who take over housing and drive up prices for everyone else, including legal citizens of the Golden State.

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