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Tuesday, August 6, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Ken Jorgustin
Aug 5, 2019

Here in the United States, the political left regularly calls for “gun control” (more of it). Especially following a shooting incident which fits their narrative.

The political left are opportunists (as of course are other political groups). However the political left will advantage the horrific acts of a violent person committing mass murder with a gun. They do this in order to vilify the weapon itself rather than the monster who committed the act.

Ask yourself why this is?

Well it’s rather obvious to most who have been around long enough to know the motivations of the anti-gun crowd. Their agenda, their end-game, so to speak, is to ban and remove ALL guns from the civilian population.

Other than the young and gullible who really really believe that more gun laws will curb violent people behavior, the rest of us know that of course, this is not true. It’s so ridiculously illogical that I won’t even bother wasting 500 words on why it’s illogical. It’s pointless to do so. You cannot argue with these people.

So I thought I would dig up some data where “gun control” and gun confiscation has led to some pretty horrible things… genocide.

What Is Genocide?
Genocide is a term used to describe violence against members of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the intent to destroy the entire group.

Though it has happened throughout history, the term came into use following WWII. “Genocide” combines genos, the Greek word for race or tribe, with the Latin suffix cide (“to kill”).

The Causes Of Genocide
Some internet research (and common sense understanding of human behavior) reveals the following possibilities:

Catastrophic Crisis
Catastrophic events such as war, economic depression or revolution are triggers for genocide or other types of mass killing.

Genocide motivated via a particular group which is identified as the cause of “the crisis” and that the solution is to eliminate the group.

“The crisis” creates the opportunity for a group to consolidate their power.

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