The Democrats Are the Gun Confiscation Party-Genocide ALWAYS Follows Gun Confiscation

Friday, August 2, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, August 2, 2019

If the Democrats are elected and control the White House in 2020, America is electing the party of gun confiscation and history shows that America would be electing the party of genocide, by default.

The often quoted University of Hawaii Democide Project makes is very clear that when the government goes after the guns of its citizens, genocide happens and is happened 16 times in the 20th century. But despite history speaking very clearly on this event, the Democrats running for President, in the 2020 Election Campaign, have made is abundantly clear where they stand on this issue. From the LA Times:

“Almost every (Democratic) candidate in the field supports universal background checks, implementing “red flag” laws to take away guns from high-risk individuals, and bringing back a ban on the sale of “assault” weapons…

And what Americans must consider is that the above quote from the LA Times represents the position that the Democrats are taking to get elected. If elected, they will 100% move to take your guns. Even if they did not move to take your guns, there is historical precedent in their “electable platforms” that are cause for concern:

1.Universal background checks will set the stage for future confiscation as the government will have an actionable list to work from. And spare me the nonsensical public safety argument. According to the FBI, over 90% of the guns used in the commission of a crime are stolen.
2.Red Flag laws are thinly failed gun confiscation policies. They Democrats say that this gets the guns out of the hands of people that are dangerous. However, all it takes to be considered a dangerous person is for your neighbor to say so.
3.Assault rifle bans are ridiculous as the criminalize guns in their manufactured state. They are reducing the firepower of the American people so they can have their way with the people once they takeover the White House in 2020. And if Trump does not forcefully take on social media censorship, he will very likely not get elected. The abovementioned policies are prelude to outright confiscation and as history teaches, genocide follows. The University of Hawaii research is clear. Genocide does not follow confiscation 25% of the time, nor 50% of the time, but 100% of the time.

If Trump is not re-elected, what does this tell you? If you are still not sure, perhaps you should review the University of Hawaii report and everyone should consider other historical precedents in this area.

What Happens After Gun Confiscation?

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