Ratcliffe’s DNI Appointment Is Designed to Bring Down Epstein Connected Deep State Figures

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, July 31, 2019

There is a massive terror network that is rearing its ugly head. Through no less than three high ranking federal agents, I have been sent material related to the network. Each one of these three federal agents has a lot to lose and each told a story, with different variable, but all contain the same message and it validates what I have been saying since the election of Trump. This is Place C in order to facilitate the takedown of Donald Trump and the overthrow of the US government. Who are the three agents?

Department of Homeland Security

The scope of these revelations covers a period of 14 months and for the DEA and the FBI, they each had jurisdictional considerations in a child sex-trafficking case in a remote part of Tucson.


In June of 2018, I reported on an “accidental” discovery made by a group known as Veterans on Patrol (VOP). They would take to the streets and remote rural areas in search of veterans that needed help. Many of the veterans helped had anxiety, severe depression and untreated PTSD. In early June of 2018, a gruesome discovery was made in remote, South Tucson. VOP wandered into a child-sex-trafficking camp.ter, I discovered that the camp was run by the cartels. The camp had been abandoned for several months when it was discovered. The following paragraphs contains a recap of the facts previously presented.

In June of 2018, VOP reported and demanded the following actions take place related to their discovery of a Child-Sex-Camp. Here are some relevant excerpts:

“We are demanding a full investigation into Cemex, the Builder, and the Child Sex Trafficking. We are also demanding an investigation related to the accusation that we staged this. We will fully cooperate. You don’t have to trust that we are being honest, you have to trust God who remains 2 moves from Checkmate…The following contains a trace of Cemex’s associations and history. The Mayor Tucson is implicated by name (ie Rothschild). The Illuminati is implicated. The Federal Government is implicated and their has been at least one Federal investigation into Cemex, according to Reuters. The following is worth the time and effort to decipher.Summary of the abovementioned content: The land in question is owned by Cemex and they are a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative. Cemex is linked to Haiti through the Clinton Foundation. The report states that Cemex is a $100 million donor to the Clinton Foundation (Editor’s Note: One has to wonder if this payment was a pay for play? Read on because this speculation will make more sense). Cemex is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschilds. That would central banking head. Sara Bronfman’s husband became the head of Libya-SA trade initiative after the Clinton/Obama led overthrow of Ghadaffi. Cemex is under a US DOJ investigation according to a 2018 Reuters article.

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