The Reasons Why China Wants War with the United States

Friday, July 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, July 26, 2019

There is a plethora of articles appearing about the growing Chinese threat to the United States. The essential reporting of the threat is accurate, however, how deep the determination, the length of the plot and the motivation behind China’s intent to exterminate as many Americans as possible, is omnipresent and being largely ignored, even within the Independent Media. In fact, it is accurate to say that since the Obama administration, we have forced China’s hand to make destroying America, China’s number one goal. And in the present reports I am reading, this point is going ignored. Much of the media is acting like went to bed one night and awakened to a hostile and determined China. The awakening of the military intentions of China has been an evolving process and most are missing this essential motivation to attack the United States in multiple ways. One cannot fully appreciate the present gravity of world affairs without know how we got here and also it is key to understand that the globalists are using the same plan as they did to start World War II with Japan.

The number one goal of the Obama administration was to get World War III started on behalf of the globalists. Obama pulled out all the stops, but failed to get World War III started with Syria and Iran. And Obama also turned his intentions to the Pacific and attempted to get World War III started in the same manner as FDR did when goaded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor by following the 8 Point Plan.

President Trump introduced tariffs on Chinese products, the Chinese have greatly increased their naval presence in the South China Sea. Countries from Vietnam, to the Philippines, to Taiwan and Australia are fearful of China’s next move. China is in a similar position as to what Japan was in during the period from 1929-1941. They need natural resources to cover their expanding industrial base and the US is blocking them at every turn just like the US did in the 1930’s. Prior to WW II, the US created something called the 8 point plan (MCollum Memo). Eventually, this caused Japan to respond to the interference with its trade and attack Pearl Harbor. Is this what the Trump administration is doing? Is Trump still in charge of his administration. A decided shift occurred when war-monger Bolton joined the Trump administration.

Almost 18 months ago, I made the following video on how 8 Point Plan was being resurrected to be used against China and how tis would force World War III.

In short, Trump is following the same script as FDR did in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s and this led to Pearl Harbor and and America’s entry into World War II.

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