The Democratic Party Is a Domestic Terrorist Organization-DNC Connections to China, Terrorists and the Cartels (Part 3)…(Join Dave and I at 11-1 RMT!)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I was recently speaking with a DHS agent and he said in relation to the “infectons” crossing the border, that there “had to be help from inside the government to be doing what is being done”. Our conversation was focused on the “infectons” and I did not get a chance to share with this agent the gravity of his statement and how correct he/she was. By the way, I am told that the infectons phenomena is well-known among many federal agencies, from different agencies, who are assigned to border “security”.

Along the same lines, a Border Patrol agent told me a month ago that people who are assigned to the border, regardless of affiliation are quitting in droves because they feel the government has forsaken them. As this article will reveal, the Democrats have done more than forsaken them, they are willing participants in the takedown of this country.

In the second prong to bring America down we are seeing the interrelationship between many divergent groups and we are seeing abject treason within our government. This article will begin to reveal these interconnections. The next part of this series will deal explicitly on who is doing what and that discussion will center on the Democratic Party.

The Bolsheviks

An FBI agent told me late last year that there are more “black budget projects at the border than one can shake a stick at”. What did this agent mean? The agent is not allowed to see the entire mission specs, but they are only allowed to see the funding document, for example the “x92” project. There have been scant references in funding requests for black ops activity involving the FBI located at the border. The FBI is hiding behind the largely false claim that they are allowing drugs to cross our southern border for series of sting operations. The problem with this excuse is that I am told it has been going on since, 2009, the year Obama took office. If this seems out of place, please consider the documentation that already exists on this website:

1.James Comey was once of the Board of Governors for HSBC Bank at a time when former Senior VP at the bank, busted open a money laundering operation involving the drug cartels, their Middle East partners (eg ISIS) and the Clinton Foundation. As a federal prosecutor, Loretta Lynch was brought into the case and she moved to cover this up. Comey goes on to become FBI Director and Lynch was appointed to be the Attorney General under Obama. She replaced the corrupt “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder.
2.Robert Mueller, who will have given his “special prosecutor” testimony to appease the Democrats, will have done so by the time most of you will have read this. In July of 2017, I published 2 documents, one Russian and one US State Department, which clearly implicated Mueller as delivering the first batch of uranium to the Russians on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. He was Mueller’s predecessor at the FBI. this establishes the criminal cartel of Democrats which covers Fast and Furious, Child Sex Trafficking, Drug trafficking and Uranium One and has ties to Benghazi.

Mueller and Comey continue their work with domestic and foreign drug interests as their association between Mueller and Comey still continue to this day as I am told by a DEA agent that the FBI is assisting the drug cartels in bringing in drugs through the southern border. The source of the drugs is largely from Afghanistan which explains the huge uptick in heroin use in America. However, as many in the DEA know, the increased use of heroin is the least of America’s problems. Much of the drug profits are being diverted to fund terrorist activity on American soil. And as I have documented on the CSS, where the Mexican drug cartels are involved, so is the Chinese government.

Connecting Old Dots with New Events

As a precursor to the following information, it should be noted that the Peruvian based, SANCHEZ-Paredes drug cartel, the largest in the world, facilitates the ongoing marriage between the Middle East terror groups and the drug cartels.

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