More journo-terrorism: The “mainstream” media continues dog whistling to deranged Leftists, pushing them to attack and “destroy” Trump supporters

Monday, July 22, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Monday, July 22, 2019

Without question, the 2020 presidential election cycle has begun and with it, POTUS Donald Trump seeks to make a historic bid for a second term.

It’s historic because also, without question, Trump is the consummate outsider, as evidenced by the horrific, relentless attacks against him as well as the Obama-led Deep State effort to depose him, which continues to this day.

At no time in our modern history has such an outsider ever managed to beat back the political/media establishment in Washington to capture the presidency. And if the establishment gets their way, they will make it so that no one ever dares to challenge them again. Hence, the ongoing fight to get rid of Trump.

But while attacks against him and his supporters have been ongoing for three years, they are becoming far more strident and, frankly, dangerous, as we get closer to November 2020 — especially as survey after survey shows POTUS Trump gaining support, not losing it.

In addition to lying about the president’s policies — he’s running “concentration camps” along the border to house migrants; he is a racist; he’s a bigot; he’s an authoritarian — the so-called “mainstream” media has now returned to its “journo-terrorist” tactics of calling for violence against the rising tide of Americans who support POTUS.

Witness the dog whistle MSNBC host Chris Hayes sent to his viewers this week, though admittedly, his audience is small even on a good night.

As NewsBusters reports:

Several days later, the liberal media still hasn’t moved past President Trump’s controversial tweets, but are instead rallying around them in opposition. MSNBC’s All In host, Chris Hayes, took a leading position Thursday night by denouncing all Republicans and Trump supporters, and calling for a revolution of sorts against the Trump administration.

Those ‘controversial’ tweets, you may recall, were of the president calling out members of Congress who obviously hate America and hate Israel and love those who seek to do America harm. The garbage media created a ‘crisis’ — a pseudo event — by pretending they were “racist bigoted” statements because they were likely directed at “women of color.”

Dog whistling to the already mentally deranged


But like all of the other SJW snowflakes in the mainstream media, Hayes has been rapping on his “cause” all week long, NewsBusters noted, in an effort to convince viewers that yeah, Trump really is a racist.

On his Thursday program he began by insinuating that our president is no different than the worst tyrants in modern history: “Each part of the coalition has been dealt into the Trump presidency. It is a classic model of corrupt governance. The capo on the top and the many, many bosses below who are given control of their domain to do as they wish.”

What does he mean by that? “This statement, clearly meant to place Trump along the ranks of Hitler and Mussolini, has been a staple MSNBC scare tactic for some time now,” NewsBusters notes.

Hayes was complaining about Trump supporters at a rally in North Carolina, where many chanted, “Send her back!” — a reference to the ‘women of color’ in Congress, all except one of whom were born in the U.S. but whose families hail from abroad.

Then Hayes attacked the president’s supporters, and here’s where the dog whistle to commit violence against them comes in.

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