Democrats Hate America and Americans

Friday, July 19, 2019
By Paul Martin

By William L. Gensert
July 19, 2019

Recently, I wrote an article expounding on the theory that Barack Obama didn’t hate America, he hated Americans. Current events involving prominent (heck, all) Democrats, however, have given me a reason to doubt my hypothesis. I now believe he hates both America and Americans; and at this point, looking at the slate of Democrats who seek the presidency, as well as the constant and visceral provocations of the four female morons of the idiocracy, he is not alone.

In fact, the Democratic Party (let’s just call them the “New Woke Party”) have metamorphosed from an entity concerned with politics into a religion steeped in a comprehensive creed of hatred and resentment.

Eight years of Obama decimated the Democratic Party. Politically, Americans are mostly center-right and during his presidency, they voted out Democrats in droves. Yet, those of the “New Woke” choose to believe this was not because Americans didn’t support his “I hate America and Americans” domestic and foreign policies. He simply did not move far enough to the left and that his failure was the result of him merely not hating us enough.

The New Woke creed preaches that America was created by genocide, slavery, and greed. Unique in the world, we are a nation with no redeeming qualities. As Barry’s pal Jeremiah Wright said, “God damn America.” At the time he said it and Barry cheered, however, they were outliers. Now it is Democratic Party policy that America is deserving of neither respect nor admiration, much less love.

Therefore, you will never hear a Democrat, especially one running for president, ever say anything positive about this country or its citizenry. The New Woke believe there is nothing positive that can be said and that all Americans who don’t believe exactly as they do are evil.

Though it was Americans who created this vile America, magnanimously, the New Woke afford us an opportunity for redemption. But only if we accept the New Woke creed in its entirety. Diverge even a “smidgen” (as Barry would say) and all chance of redemption will be lost – and the hatred showered upon Americans will be deserved because we had our chance.

The beauty of this is that it allows them the luxury of despising America and Americans while still pretending that they alone are taking the “high road.”

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