The UN Is Facilitating Chinese Dominance Over the Planet…(Massive Sunday Attack…)

Sunday, July 14, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, July 14, 2019

Recently I wrote a two part series on the Chinese government’s intention to rule the planet because they are the master race. According to a leaked Chinese government document, the Chinese have set their sights set on exterminating as many Americans as possible before colonizing the country. To some, this would have seemed like an outrageous claim. I have over the past 3 days researched extensively evidence that would confirm this leaked Chinese government document. I am pleased to announce that I have done so.

Summary of Chinese Goals As Stated by Wei Fenghe The Chinese Defense Minister

The Chinese need to expand beyond their territorial boundaries or they will cease to exist as a nation because their country cannot sustain their population as they lack natural resources , namely, food.
The Chinese have set their sights on making America there one in only enemy. The defense minister of China stated that the mistakes made by Nazi Germany and the empire of Japan included having too many enemies. China was not going to repeat that historical mistake.
The leaked government document discussed the Chinese intention to use bio weapons against the United States, specifically, the use of genetically engineered viruses that would not attack people of Chinese descent. The Chinese government was concerned because there are approximately 12,000,000 Chinese inside the United States.
The Chinese document further alluded to the fact that China , once they ruled over the United States, would be in a position to control the entire W. This would make them the rulers of the planet.

German Publication Illuminates the UN’s Participation in the Takeover of the Planet

A self-described reader of The Common Sense Show, presumably from Germany, sent me an article from the German publication, Der Spiegel. Inside this document, it was made very clear that the United Nations under the leadership of tUN Secretary General Gutterres, is transferring economic and cultural influences from the United Nations away from the United States to the Chinese. It is very clear that the UN actions are in line with china’s intentions as expressed in the leaked Chinese government document.

The article begins by discussing how China wants to change it’s notion of “basic human rights” to its own definition which is now being embraced by the United Nations. In effect, the Chinese are stating that they want to move away from basic individual liberties and give people the earned right to economically participate. This is a very revealing statement when we consider the nature in consequences of the Google-installed Chinese Social Credit System.

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