Independence Day video message from the Health Ranger: America will be lost if those who hate it are not stopped…”if the Left gets it way, every conservative will be executed in the streets”…(Have A Happy 4th!!)

Thursday, July 4, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Thursday, July 04, 2019

America is on the verge of being lost. The intense hatred of America by the intolerant, bigoted Left continues to accelerate by the day, with university professors, district court judges, media talking heads and left-wing legislators actively colluding to see America overrun and destroyed. (Yes, they hate their own country. They’re even triggered by the American flag.)

The radical Left is waging a civil war against America right now, while conservatives spend most of their time trying to appease the media and appeal to the “patriotism” of Leftists. But Leftists have no patriotism. They despise this nation. They hate liberty and freedom, and they actively collude to destroy the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Electoral College, the Constitution and all conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters.

The Democrat party has become a lunatic, murderous mob.

They blatantly lie about “concentration camps” on the border, but what they really want is concentration camps for conservatives. Radical left-wing Antifa violence continues to escalate, and if the Left gets it way, every conservative will be executed in the streets by masses of angry, frothing Leftists who have long ago decided that they cannot coexist with anyone else.

The Left demands absolute obedience, conformity and subservience to their bizarre delusions (gender-fantasy lies) and twisted beliefs. Leftists advocate violence against the political opponents, and they relish the idea of bashing in the brains of conservatives and Trump supporters, watching them bleed out on the streets.

This is where America is on this Independence Day, 2019.

As I warn in this video, below, the time is coming soon when true Americans will respond with overwhelming force. The day is coming when Antifa terrorists will be cleaned out and the tech giants will be raided and dismantled. There will be a tipping point that will spontaneously trigger what I call “Second Amendment activation” which will see American patriots rise up in defense of this great nation, deploying the right of national defense that has already been granted to all Americans by our Founding Fathers. That right is written into the Bill of Rights itself, and it guarantees the right to bear arms in defense of life, liberty and national defense.

The enemies of America must be removed from power and halted in their efforts to destroy this nation.

Watch my Independence Day video for more details (18 minutes duration):

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