Antifa terrorists dox whistleblower moms trying to protect children from drag queen pedophiles

Monday, July 1, 2019
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Monday, July 01, 2019

Two concerned mothers who were forcibly removed by law enforcement while protesting a recent “teen pride” event at Renton Public Library in Renton, Washington, are now being openly threatened by the domestic terrorist group Antifa, simply for exercising their free speech and standing up for innocent children.

According to reports, Antifa terrorists are attempting to “dox” the two mothers, meaning they’re trying to access the women’s home addresses and personal information in order to publish it on the internet as punishment for their vocal opposition to young, impressionable children being exposed to a demon-possessed drag queen, among other perversions.

At this “teen pride” event, multiple drag queens, meaning men dressed up as a women, were featured in a “scantily clad” outfits engaging in “pornographic dance sessions.” Other embodiments of LGBTQ were also present handing out “pamphlets describing extreme and violent sexual acts,” including one that “encouraged children to experiment with bondage.”

Shocking video footage captured by one of the moms shows a drag queen licentiously stripping in front of underage children and gyrating on the floor, to loud bursts of cheers and applause. In another even more shocking display, a drag queen was captured screeching and howling on all fours, exposing children to an undeniable display of demonic possession.

“I witnessed kids in that show and in the following panel that couldn’t have been more than ten,” one of the moms reportedly told The College Fix about the many horrors she witnessed at Renton Public Library’s “teen pride” event.

Underage children are being introduced to AIDS drugs, condoms, and sex toys at LGBTQP “drag queen” library events

As covered by independent journalist Saleem Juna, all sorts of “perverse paraphernalia” was also present at the event. Planned Parenthood, for instance, had a representative there who bragged about “giving testosterone and progesterone to young people,” as well as offering “gender reformation services” to children.

According to Juna, this same Planned Parenthood representative openly admitted that she hopes to one day be able to perform these and other “services” on underage children “without parental consent.”

As we’ve also covered in the past, events like “teen pride” are also a powerful magnet for convicted sex offenders, pedophiles, and “transgender prostitutes” who attend, or are even directly involved, simply to gain easy access to their child prey.

Nobody should be exposed to such perversion, let alone underage children, many of whom are actually toddlers. But according to Antifa, LGBTQ “teen pride” and “drag queen story hour” events such as the one that took place at Renton Public Library are good and acceptable – and those who expose such evil are the ones that need to be punished and silenced.

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