It’s An Invasion Force! When Does 15K Mexican Troops Become 50K?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I have been told by many military and intel experts and it is a simple matter of common sense,that before a Red Dawn invasion can take place, the United States must first be destabilized domestically. Further, assets would need to be deployed in advance of any invasion. All of the criteria are in the process of being met.

The destabilizing events that threaten to weaken America to the point of producing conditions making the country vulnerable to invasion from our southern border are as follows:

1.Worsening conditions in Central and South America, emanating from Honduras, which will potentially send millions of immigrants to our border along with embedded trained paramilitary forces.
2.The Oroville Dam is slowly progressing toward a catastrophic failure.
3.The trucking industry is moving toward a meltdown and this will serious consequences to every aspect of our economy and it will ultimately threaten scores of lives.
4.War with Iran will produce the emergence of terror cells which will wreak havoc in the United States.
5.Weather wars are producing an agricultural disaster with regard to the food supply.

A clear picture is emerging that once the aforementioned areas come to fruition, that the only thing that is needed for an invasion to follow these destabilizing events is forward deployment of military assets and that has already happened.

The Mexican Military
The Mexican military has authorized a forward deployment of 15,000 soldiers on our southern border ostensibly to intercept immigrants coming to the United States. On its face, this makes no sense. The bulk of the immigrants are coming from south of Mexico and that is where troops should be deployed. Here is a detailed analysis of what is wrong and very suspicious about the Mexican approach to this issue. It is not an immigration force, it is an invasion force. When do 15,000 Mexican troops become 50,000 troops? They have already crossed our border and most of all they are being trained by the UN as documented in the Washington Post (April 9, 2019).

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3 Responses to “It’s An Invasion Force! When Does 15K Mexican Troops Become 50K?”

  1. Warprofit

    1360 AM out of Johnstown Colorado?

  2. Josey Wales

    It’s obvious that (((they))) knew Trumps reaction to caravans would be to demand Mexico stop it. So … (((they))) saw it as an opportunity to station, and then increase the number of, Mexican troops on the border. Here we are. Asleep and distracted while a Red Dawn force is prepping.

    Prediction : Number of Mexican troops will increase shortly to maybe near 50k.

    Combine this with knowing there are buttloads of armed sleeper cells here now, “waiting for the call.”

    I think we actually need a petition to be sent around and signed to get Trump to :

    1. Put 75k troops on the border while wall’s being built.
    2. Fire Bolton Kushner and any other dirt bag in the way.

    3. Build wall.
    4. Arrest all ceo’s and accomplices in big tech and big pay under RICO.
    5. Send in National Guard wherever Antifa shows their under 75 IQ faces. Order FBI to investigate and identify and prosecute all Antifa.
    6. Arrest all deep state criminals.
    7. Arrest all sanctuary city / county / state gov’t officials for treason.
    8. Stop chem trailing , 5 g, and gmo.
    9. Bust everyone involved with fake voting machines.
    10. Close most foreign bases, bring troops home, stop starting wars.
    11. Fix The US Dollar
    12. Stop all 3rd world darkie immigration, and all HB 1 Visa’s.


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