Democrats want to impeach Trump? Go ahead — make my day

Friday, May 31, 2019
By Paul Martin

By Gordon Wysong
May 31, 2019

The political world is all agog about impeachment, and the dance we are seeing is reminiscent of a rave party. There is noise at ear-splitting levels, but nothing meaningful. There are fanatic zombies, all screaming for attention, as though their antics warrant examination and acclaim. Each MSM camera seems to fuel a drug-like fervor to feed an insatiable ego, and nowhere can a quiet voice of reason be heard over the din.

Those attending the event are all sure they are the stars of the production, but each of them now must carry the burden of impeachment fever alone. Sure, there are a lot of others talking a good game, but which of them will bell the cat?

Jerrold Nadler, who always seems too small for any role he has, cannot lead with the force of his intellect, and seniority does not a leader make. Schiff, whose obsequious appearances have been fraught with falsehoods, has already faltered. He is now without a written script, attesting to his genius. In the Senate, nary a Democrat champions the call for impeachment, for it means they must go on the record — something career-minded politicians don’t want to do.

Among the newbies of the House, the heft of a coherent argument for impeachment is laughably out of range. It takes at least two of them combined to reach a three-digit I.Q. What they can do is scream at the top of their lungs, gesticulate wildly, misquote any source, and dominate a news cycle like a major hurricane. They cannot enlist the assistance of their fellow man, because they can’t do any of the heavy lifting themselves.

So along comes Mueller. He lost the respect of objective observers by demonstrating his bias — especially in hiring Hillary-supporters for his team. But he alienated conservative and legal scholars by his failure to investigate meaningful transgressions that stood nakedly exposed on the other side. It would not be sufficient to say he was looking at Russian interference, and the scope of his investigation was thus limited to Trump’s activities.

The predicate for his investigation was an allegation. Who made the allegation? What was the evidence? Can we simply verify this evidence, and succeed in our mission? That is the starting point, and all the rest of this dog and pony show is frou-frou.

But Mueller didn’t do that. It’s enough to discredit anything he did do. All his machinations were not to verify the allegations, but to obscure them. It is a piteous report he filed, followed by a contemptible series of lies to Barr and others at the DOJ and a self-serving and cowardly press conference he held. As special counsel, the rules are pretty much understood to be the same as a not so special prosecutor. When that didn’t serve his ends, Mueller violated those rules. Publicly, we saw that he had no such respect for the traditions of our system of justice. Privately, it is quite likely much worse.

The attempt to placate the Left, and to protect associates who were involved in violations so egregious that they amount to at least sedition, has put Mueller on the wrong side of history. The only way this will not be widely known, is to let the report die a quiet death. Yet Mueller is so vain that he is just beginning to realize this — hence his attempt to opt out of the plot.

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