Hungarian Researcher Documents Hundreds of Democrat Organizations Linked to Soros

Thursday, May 30, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Jim Hoft
May 30, 2019

Viktor Orbán adviser Maria Schmidt: Hundreds of Democrat organizations linked to Soros

In the EU elections the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán achieved the sensational result of 52%, the best for any party in Europe. On May 25, historian Dr. Maria Schmidt, a close confidante of Orbán, gave a talk to a U.S. travel group hosted by Dr. Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, praising Donald Trump as “a politcial realist” and Orbán’s “twin brother.”

Gateway Pundit met with Dr. Schmidt, head of the local Terror House Museum on the Nazi and Soviet terror, who alerted us to this powerful essay she wrote in 2017 about George Soros’ influence in Hungary and the Democratic Party – which we are reprinting here with her permission:

The Gravedigger of the Left

What kind of philanthropist is a serial destroyer of European and Asian currencies, who wiped out the savings, retirement pensions and salaries of masses of ordinary citizens in order to reap huge profits for himself?

“The recipe is a simple one. Identify a business target worth acquiring. Send your NGOs onto the spot destabilize the region, arrange for the necessary media tailwind, create chaos, and as soon as that is done become the one who organizes help for reconstruction while cherry-picking the most profitable business opportunities. Pull down the borders that are undue obstacles to your movements. Dismantle national sovereignty to avoid obstacles in your designs from the interests of the local population. Buy off the experts with money, scholarships, awards, fame, recognition or personal promotion, depending on their propensities. Prevent their affiliations from being detected or their incompetence from being revealed, as happened when the data on global warming turned out to have been doctored for the second time. Buy off the local media TV and radio stations, dailies, weeklies, as well as web magazines. Label them as independent outlets and remunerate them properly to have them work for the purposes you set for them. Reward them and promote them too. You can identify the media outlets that are stuffed with Soros money in Hungary and internationally by their habit of following the Leninist tactics of personal attacks. They never challenge causes, statements, suggestions, which would be too tiresome both for themselves and for the public. They prefer intimidating individuals or, if that doesn’t suffice, annihilating them. Their activists and journalists are experts in character assassination.”

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