Wednesday, May 29, 2019
By Paul Martin

According to The Times, an FBI memo accompanying the tape alleges King “looked on and laughed” as a pastor of Baltimore’s Cornerstone Baptist Church raped a woman in the hotel room. The pastor died in 1991. The FBI documents say King had a conversation in which he “discussed which women among the parishioners would be suitable for natural and unnatural sex acts,” The Times wrote, citing Garrow’s article.

by Geoffrey Grider
May 29, 2019

Documents describing secret FBI recordings allege Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with 40 women and watched on as a pastor raped a woman in the 1960s, a new report said.

I do not remember the day that JFK was assassinated by the mafia at the orders of Lyndon Baines Johnson, while George HW Bush working for the CIA stood by to make sure things went smoothly. But I do have faint memories of the day that Robert Kennedy was shot and killed, and also the day that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed also. For me, the Kennedy brothers and King belong in the same class of history because they were so very similar on many levels.

America made an idol out of Jack Kennedy and his family, and as a president he tried to do some good things, no question about it. But as a human being, as a person, JFK led a sordid, sexual life that until recently would have been too shocking and disgusting to believed had it been revealed. His father helped to get him elected using ties to the Mafia, the same Mafia that just a few years later would be instrumental in his death. The Kennedy family was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but all we were allowed to see was the carefully created and completely false image that the news media demanded that we see. The creation of ‘Camelot’ was nothing more than a fabrication designed to keep the Kennedys in power. What was the cost of all these lies and deceptions? The Kennedy family, for all their sown seeds of wealth, power and influence have reaped nothing but death, despair and destruction.

What does this have to do with Martin Luther King Jr.? Plenty.

Martin Luther King Jr. did lots of good when it came to combating racial injustices and prejudices, and it was well-needed to advance ourselves as a decent and compassionate society. King was an excellent orator, and could hold crowds of tens of thousands spellbound as he spoke words of love, compassion and forgiveness. But Martin Luther King Jr. the man, the human being, was like JFK a squalid mess of such mind-numbing contradictions and actions that when looked at in the cold light of day, is repulsive on many levels. Again, just like it is with Kennedy.

MLK was, depending on who you talk to, a Socialist at the least and a Communist at the worst, things he for good reason tried to keep hidden from the general public. But worse than that, and worse than all the sordid, sexual dealings alleged by the FBI memos and secret tapes, MLK had some very unbiblical ideas about Jesus Christ, the blood atonement and the virgin birth.

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