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Sunday, May 26, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day is a special day in which, if we follow the true purpose of honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to pay homage to those who have and are serving, has given way to hotdogs, beer and family gatherings. However, for some of us, this is a special day. For myself, two veterans are a major reason why I am involved in the Independent media. Today I pay my respects to Gary Byler as well as to my to my own father.

I have written extensively about my father’s work as he was involved in the top secret project to rewire the Combat Information Center on the aircraft carrier, FDR, as it was prepared to receive the first nuclear weapons to be placed on board a naval ship. Then, my father was reassigned to work with captured German scientists in order to reverse engineer their advanced knowledge of physics and how they could be applied to weapons systems and transportation. Since I was a boy, learning to hit baseball pitches from my father, he was my hero and still is.

My father taught me the lesson of resilience. Those close to me tell me I have a stubborn streak. Actually, I prefer to call it resilience. My father ingrained this trait in me to the point that I would rather die than quit. I have never accepted defeat even though at times, I had to find a different way to win. My eight year battle for the right to maintain my private property is a testament to the resilient spirit that my father imparted to me. When my father was temporarily aboard a destroyer and was retrofitting it with radar, he was wounded by a Japanese plane. My father was the toughest man I ever met, until I met the late Captain Gary Byler. Both me were from the Depression/World War II generation. They saved America. They both lived in a time when men were men. They would have both crucified the feminine males of today whose idea of combat consists of living in their mother’s basement. I miss my father often, as I do Gary Byler and I draw upon what he taught me, as well as the strength that I derive from Jesus to carry on the fight against Satan’s servants.

Captain Gary Byler, A Man’s Man

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  1. Warprofit

    I’m the son of a WWII veteran and was named after my dads best friend, who was killed in action by my dads side.
    SHTF is very close, years ago a wise old man told me that when the WWI and WWII generations had passed, they had plans to destroy the USA, but out of respect and the sacrifices those 2 generations had endured, they would wait till they had passed.
    The WWI generation has passed on, and the WWII generation is mostly gone now.
    I’m a disabled veteran by our countries own weapons.
    I’m not completely sure what events they have planned to destroy US,they have a long list.
    But most likely, this open border, flooding our country with God only knows who and what is coming across it, plus the strain of the open border will have on our elections, welfare, healthcare, is just the beginning.
    Dave is correct about a 5th column, and contrived events, false flags, some that will look natural, but are not.
    Pray and do the best you can, whatever you can do for family and friends, do it now.


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