When 1776 Meets 1941-Are You Prepared for the End of “Amerika”?”

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Other than a meaningless Attorney General’s investigation that will produce no indictments, arrests or convictions, what has President Trump done recently which demonstrates he is in charge of the White House?

CNN and Fox News are playing good cop/bad cop on the issues, but in reality, nothing has happened y since his first year in office when he reversed Obama/Biden’s socialist inspired sabotage of the economy by modifying and/or negating the free trade agreements resulting in large economic gains for middle class America. Women and Blacks have enjoyed record low unemployment. However, the economy still remains in a miserable state.

60% of America lives paycheck to paycheck
25%+ of Americans do not have a bank account
75% of Americans cannot handle a $400 car repair bill
The number of Americans who are working fulltime are still outnumbered by the unemployed and underemployed.

I understand that some will say that the President has stood up to China. But wait, one could easily argue that the President has been allowed to anger China, because the President’s handlers, Bolton and Pompeo, have allowed Trump to stand up to China because the globalists want World War III against anyone who will put up a fight.

Therefore, as laudable as the President’s economic gains have been, his inaction on key issues far outnumbers his accomplishments. The President has failed to address the following:

1.Ending the foreign wars of occupation
2.Ending the omnipresent power of the military industrial complex>
3.Failing to defend the First Amendment by ending the illegal censorship of social media
4.Failing to secure the border by all means necessary
5.Stopping the weather wars and other suspicious phenomenon that threatens America’s food supply
6.Failing to prosecute even one member of the globalist-controlled-Deep-State.

America, prepare to defend yourself because the threats to our collective well-being are growing exponentially. We are living in a time when 1776 is about to meet 1941 because we now find ourselves in the dubious position, of facing a domestic terrorism on an unprecedented scale, a Red Dawn invasion force is being imported into this country as we speak and we are about ready to be destroyed by china and Russia as I write these words. Again, I say, 1776 is about to meet 1941.

This is the first of a multi-part series in which it is chronicled that America has been set up to be utterly destroyed. Whether Trump’s intentions were pure when he was elected no longer matters. the globalists forces that dominate the Deep State are much more powerful and are omnipresent in their opposition to any form of American populism. This is a global phenomenon. For example, in Australia, conservative political parties are having their cars blown up and their politicians and supporters violently attacked. The beginning of this revolutionary harassment are beginning to appear in America.

Outline of the Series of “When 1776 Meets 1941”

This series will be divided up into the following parts:

1.Introduction along with a retrospective look what America will look like when our defeat is final. The casualty reports and destruction of our economy has already been determined.
2.The 1776 Revolutionary Forces Committed to the Destruction of America’s Culture and Constitutional Republic. The coming removal of Trump from office is only the beginning of this domestic nightmare.
3.The “1941” calamity that awaits our military. After reading this part, you will never let your sons and daughters serve in the military, it is have been set up to be slaughtered.
4.The aftermath of defeat. This part will examine life in the post-war, and post-revolution defeat of America.

The Rest…HERE

4 Responses to “When 1776 Meets 1941-Are You Prepared for the End of “Amerika”?””

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    As usual Mr. Hodges misses THE answer. THE solution. Great “narrator.” Bad solutionist. ( There’s an “ist” word for you 🙂 Solutionist. ) Now Dr. Hill is right on point but the only single critique I have is his lumping Jews together. There are possessed Jews, and non possessed Jews. True the non possessed only make up maybe 20 % but that’s a noticeable amount. Anyhow … please read this and get the solutions conversation going :


  2. White Scooter Trash

    No one is prepared because it has already ended:

    These are the satanic Jews that Mr Lee is referring to.


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Not a bad Hagmann Report tonight !!! Hope Junior cleans up and comes back. We should ALL pray for him. JOE.


  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Doug needs to read JFK’s little known book : A Nation Of Immigrants. He sneakily sandwiches in his real reason for writing the book. To bring in 3rd world darkies. Back then dirtbags had to be careful how they worded things. He might have been good in some ways but over all JFK was a piece of S.

    It was a “manifesto to open the borders.”

    On another note, The KKK was formed by former Confederate officers after The Civil War, who got sick of seeing blacks shoulder bump whites off the sidewalks among other things and in many cases raping white women !!! To WARN the negros, they would burn a cross in the yard and drape a noose over a tree. That was usually it. Decades later, radical dipsh&ts got in and used violence when unnecessary, and it went from there.


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