Using Predictive Programming, the Netflix Show “Colony” Shows America Where It Is Going-

Monday, May 20, 2019
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, May 20, 2019

There is a show that is profiling where America is at and where it is going. This is called predictive programming and we should be paying attention.

I recently did a podcast where I stated that President Trump has infuriated his advisors. Most of the President’s advisors are Deep State, or become Deep State after serving him. The President has angered his Deep-State-serving advisors because he backed out of Operation Nitro-Zeus as part of an invasion plan for Venezuela, Syria and Iran. p, we have entered into a new phase of the Presidency where we have to decide who is charge? In other words, the President just said no to World War III. He publicly said, he “was not convinced about Iran”. So, why is the military continuing with war preparations against Iran and Syria? Even Ron Paul has advised the President to back down from wars of occupation.

Is this what many Americans are pointing to when they say that Trump has lost control of his Presidency?

There is a show presently on Netflix as show that I believe shows us our collective futures. The parallel between this show’s plot and its similarities between the martial law and continuity of government documents is stunning. And in my bones, I feel that this production is much more than just another TV show. In a dystopian, not too distant future LA, a couple, Katie and Will Bowman live with two of their three children under a military/martial law regime which is the most brutal martial law military occupation by an organization.

The Storyline

An ET force called the “Hosts”, successfully invaded the Earth. The ET’s are NOT part of the show and should not even be in the story line for all intents and purposes. The show focuses on human collaborating forces of enslavement. It is said of them that “no one ever sees them (ET’s)”. The Hosts have built an enormous wall, around 30 stories tall, several meters thick, and many miles in length, which surrounds the central part of Los Angeles, where the series is set. No travel is permitted between the regions of the world, called blocs, and this is one of themes of any martial law regime, real or of Hollywood origin.

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4 Responses to “Using Predictive Programming, the Netflix Show “Colony” Shows America Where It Is Going-”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Gear up sheeple. Ammo, food, water, supplies which must include gas masks body armor night vision and even anti drone electro guns. Search and find legal means to disengage gps of drones.

    America is over. Not a single news platform even suggests the obvious solution. Just pure narration of each inch we ( The Titanic, ) sink, and who’s responsible.

    Get with family and friends you’ve known for years. Form your own SANE CHRISTIAN militias and practice at least twice a month.

    Buy some gold & silver, and start depression proof businesses. Don’t waste your valuable time anymore, skimming headlines. It’s all distraction from the left, and narration on the right.

    Pray, and gear up …

  2. laura ann

    Practical skills (fixing things, farming, making things) will be in demand and will be locally run. People will go back in time the life styles before the steam engine got us out of the horse and buggy times. Not a time to raise a family when everything will be a struggle for survival.

  3. SF Mo (in AL)

    Dumped NETFLIX because its a way left Obama loving bunch of oxygen thieves bending peoples minds with BS programing to put a crack in the traditional American christian family. But I believe in the stuff REL is talking about.

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Get the conversation going SF Mo. Talk with family about Confederacy 2.0. See, America’s BEEN hijacked and invaded and occupied. Now (((they))) are going for the sudden massive thrust, ( caravans, ) invasion. Not even I M outlets have balls and brains to cover THE SOLUTION. Enough dumb zero young dweebs have been brainwashed that there’s no hope for saving America as a whole :


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