Evidence Democrats And The MSM Have Embraced Islam’s Principal Of ‘Taqiya’: They Insanely Believe They Can Blatantly Lie To The American People & Are ‘Above The Law Of The Land’!

Thursday, May 9, 2019
By Paul Martin

Democrats Embrace Of Techno-Tyranny Proves They Could Care Less About ‘Freedom’

By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline
May 9, 2019

In the extremely important video that we’ve embedded directly below titled “Taqiyya: The 1st Thing You Need To Understand About Islam”, videographer ‘No More Lies’ perfectly explains for us the Islamic principal of ‘Taqiyya, or taqiya’, a key component of Islam that appears in the Koran and a core teaching of Mohammed that not only permits but encourages Muslims to lie to ‘non-believers’ in order to either ‘smooth over differences’ or ‘gain an upper hand over their enemies’ by pretending to be friends.

As our videographer tells us immediately within this video, historically, ‘taqiya’ has been much more important for Shia Muslims than for Sunni Muslims because Shia Muslims have long been the persecuted minority and in order to avoid being slaughtered by Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims used ‘taqiya’, claiming they were instead Sunni’s in order for them to ‘keep their heads’.

Our videographer reads several verses directly from the Koran to prove that ‘taqiya’ came directly from it while also reading verses that show Muslims are permitted by the Koran to ‘be friendly’ with non-Muslims, even though they might really hate such ‘infidels’ and want to kill us. As our videographer asks, why would Muslims want to appear to be friendly with those who they hate? He answers directly from the Koran.:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah”. Koran – Chapter 9, Verse 29

“Fight those who are near to you who do not believe in Allah and let them find hardness.” Koran – Chapter 9 Verse 123

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